Everton 10K

I have received my race No. for the above race. Are there any other RW forumites taking part?


  • I did this race last year in stupidly hot conditions! I was completely flagging near the 7km mark but some kind people set up an unplanned water station on the day and saved my life! Made it across the line just under my target of 40minutes. Happy days!

    Sorry, you did ask for my life story didn't you lol??

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  • I am running the race on Sunday and this is only my second 10k. My last effort was the Lordshill 10k in June and it was very hot, but still managed 51mins! My target has got to be less than 50mins.

    Good Luck,


  • Does any one know the route for the race? I've tried looking everywhere for it!

     Just wonder whats in store route wise (I gather its flat to start with and hilly towards the end) before I decide to enter on the day or not...


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