First 10mile TT

Finally took the plunge and did my first 10mile TT, was a bit scary turning up on my road bike only to be surrounded by bikes dripping in carbon worth as much as my car, men in skinsuits and woody woodpecker helmets!!!.

Being held up at the start was weird, but liked the 5-4-3-2-1 GO!!!!, went out far too hard at the start, hit 25mph, HR hit 175, decided I needed to reign it in, so dropped back to abour 23mph and 170HR, and just got my head down and went for it.

Didn't get overtaken, and managed to overtake someone (albeit them on a tandem!), finished the course in 28:06 (avg 21.3 mph) with an avg HR of 171, so I did try!!.

Doing another next week, this could get addictive (and expensive)


  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭
    Yep get the credit card out and start splashing the cash, woodpecker 1st thoimage
  • Was speaking to the guys afterwards, and said the best thing to buy is a set of aero bars, so promptly got home and found a nice set of carbon aeros on sale reduced from £185 to £56, hopefully they will arrive before next week image

     They were all talking about £1K+ carbon disc wheels and stuff, so there is some serious money ploughed into this TT lark.

  • excellent stuff dan,   there's a TT course that goes out the back of our house so I went along to a local club one about 6 weeks ago to see what it was like,  like you rocked up on my road bike (although had put some bars on it ) & I thought it was fantastic too.  

    Luckily enough I bumped into a mate from work down there who is a top cyclist and he gave me the advice not to hammer it too much at the start!
    I had a 5 minute start on him and managed to hold him off until the final mile or so......some of these guys are awesome though,  the winner went sub 20mins which I'm sure isn't all down to the bike!

  • Hammer a 10 mile TT from point start to finish!

    Well a 15 mile one as well pebble image

    10/15/25 mile TTs see how much you can hurt physicsly. 50/100 mike and 12 hour are mind games.
  • I'd be happy to do 3 miles, at that pace.
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