Help please for 13.1 pace


I could do with some help to work out what at pace I should run a 13.1 next weekend (Hackney Marshes so flat).

Did 2009 FLM in 3:22 but that was after injuries and I never ran any half marathons or other races to work out a proper pace. Training over the last two months has been not been consistent (some weeks 30 miles, others 10 - probably an average of 15).

The best stat I've got is 6 x 800 metre intervals yesterday at an average of 6:12/mi with 3 mins recovery in between. I think that was a V02 workout (?). Any tips based on that are really appreciated!


  • Based on your marathon time, I'd say 1:30-1:35. That's just based on when I did a 3:22 marathon though.

    Do you use a heart rate monitor? I tend to go for 80-85% working hr for a half.
  • I use this site to work out roughly what I should be aiming for in other distances...  Just enter your marathon time, sex & age in the fields at the top.  Hope that helps.
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    The problem with trying to work out HM pace from intervals is that having done so little mileage you're unlikely to have a close relationship between what might approximate your 3k/5k pace - i.e. what you can manage for 800 intervals - and what you could maintain over 13 miles.

    I'd go with BDB's estimate.  The 800 intervals on paper suggest you've got the speed to go faster but your endurance would probably let you down if you went off too quick.  If you're feeling ridiculously comfortable with a few miles to go, ramp it up a notch.

  • Thanks to all for the advice. I'll follow it and see where it gets me...
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