Is RW forum dead? has everyone gone fetch?


  • Does seem a bit quiet at the moment doesn't it?

    I've gone FRA for a bit at the moment but no idea where everyone else is.....

  • Plenty of established threads between mates are present and active.

    coasters aint doing too badimage

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    No it's not dead - look at stu's website to see what he's achieved via the RW forums - co-operation form forum members from the entire UK - creating a relay round the coast of Britain.  A fantastic achievement and new forum friendships made from the experience.

    Personally I'm happy to see less of the threads that seem to be private jokes amongst a select few that don't welcome outsiders.

  • Don't think the forum is dead. Just that its reaching its peak. You only can take this place so far.
    There's nothing new. If you post anything running related whether its a race, injury, gear.
    You get limited responses. The only posts that will generate more posts are ones kk, D2D start
    and anyone who wants to create a stir. You know many will response.
    You got the 'clubby' threads where the same post on those threads.

    Whenever I come on here you find the same regulars who are here day in, day out.
    Bit like going to the pub once and a while and find the same people sitting in the same spot.

    I don't post as much as I did a year ago. I come on here because you get good advice than
    anywhere else. Sometimes its good to have some fun. But as a running forum, you can only take it
    so far before the same posts gets repeated time and time again.

  • Don't know, but sometimes I feel like most people have got me on ignore, as only about 4 or 5 people ever respond to anything I write. image
  • I could never ignore you Vickyimage
  • Stu wrote (see)
    I could never ignore you Vickyimage
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    never quiet on here
  • I've got a new job in which I actually have to do work.... all day long so no more daytime posting for me. image

    I've loving it though so no hardship there image
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Commiserations Shimmy Shimmy.

    Fight the power.

  • Hey VP - I was going to make a crap pun like "who said that?" but I decided not to bother ;0)

    I feel that too. There's a bloke on one thread who never ever responded to my discussion contributions even when I asked him a question, until t'other day. I just assumed he'd blocked me but wasn't sure why ... and when I was first on here, I felt like the Invisible Woman or that I was making incredibly naive comments and everyone was thinking "what a loser". They probably still think that but answer me out of politeness now. ;0)
  • Hi Parklife!  I would have laughed at that joke if you'd made it!  image

    Thing is, I don't have much running advice to impart, I'm one of those doing the reading of the tips that the rest of you write, but I do like to have a chat sometimes with like-minded folks.  I felt a bit less invisible after joining in those challenges we did at the end of last yr and start of this year.

  • image What the f....................

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭

    If that's an attempt at subliminal messaging, I think it's not quite subtle enough. image

    I used to spend a lot of time on here, but work is much busier, and I can't work late anymore (small child to collect from nursery) so get a lot less forum time.

    Over the years I've been a member (9 years would you believe!) there have been peaks and troughs in activity on the forum.  School holidays are probably part of it at the moment, but there will also be an influx of newbies when VLM fever hits later in the year.

    It comes and goes, but it is still a great place and a source of a lot of good information and terrible jokes.

  • *takes Vicky Pea off ignore* image 

    It has gone quiet on here but I don't know if everyone has toddled off to Fetch, I've tried posting on there a few times but it seems even more cliquey than this one so I gave up and came back here.

    I don't mind people asking the same questions time and again, just as long as it's not "what do you listen to on your MP3/iPod"  It doesn't matter what I listen to on my MP3, you probably wouldn't like it as everyone has different tastes...

  • skool holidays initimage
  • Maybe they went to the  They tend to be more serious, stay on topic and know what they're talikng about. Many of my club use that forum, so maybe there's a clique there too. RW's a bit washed up really as the forums aren't managed, but I drive by now and then - to see the same old threads about Port talbot, thread slayer, counting for .......  yawn.
  • I use Fetch regularly but I don't contribute on the forums - I've found a few members to be a bit up themselves and most people just seem to take the piss (I say most - there are a few good 'uns).

    RW's pretty good though, in between the odd question that's been asked for the millionth time (mainly the newbies who post leading up to VLM then disappear) there's a wealth of good information from the experienced runners. 

  • image Just been reading through and like the Bill Hicks joke you can only say Right foot left foot so many times. Think it is a bit quite at the moment. we need some good natured fun. Just can't think of how yet?!?!

    Vicky never ignore you and if there are any that do there loss.

  • Thanks Cake!  image

  • Hello Vicky - my name is Tricky. I'm not an Ignorer either. Think we cross-posted on a horrible thread about J - - K miles.

    Why don't you tell us something about yourself that you have never mentioned in public before, and I personally promise i won't laugh or tell anyone else? Can't speak for anyone else. Anyway, the rumours about this new information may just be enough to Fetch back a few stragglers??!


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