Alice's Run 10K (2010)

Anyone done this before?  Just entered, bit more expensive than I usually like to pay but its in a good cause (and cheaper than most charity runs) and heard it is a really good route and you get a nice goody bag.

I  was wondering what shoes to wear - wil I be ok in road shoes?


  • I did this last year. Nice route, but badly marked in places & I got lost.

    I'd go for trail shoes if you can.

    Friendly organisers & a good cause.

  • me doing stainland 7 that day one killer of a race
  • Compo & his hills..... image image
  • I did in road shoes a couple of years ago and was fine. light trail shoes may be a better choice in parts.  couple of grassy sections but most of it is road or good paths.  odd muddy puddle may be.

    Never got lost. last 2km is a bit twisty so may be worth checking before.

    Very pleasant route and nice atmos. watch out for evil hill at about 8km its only small but steep and had me walking.  not as evil as Stainland though which must be one the hardest road races in the world ever.

  • I am doing stainland which is a great race aswell

    doing Leek half this sunday
  • Bright Bimbler wrote (see)

    I did this last year. Nice route, but badly marked in places & I got lost.

    I'd go for trail shoes if you can.Friendly organisers & a good cause.

    Hi Bright Bimbler,

    I'm helping out on the race this year, if you can remember where the way-marking was poor last year let me know and we'll see what we can do to improveit it.

    Agree with yoru shoe choice, I'd opt for trail if I was running


  • Hi Paul, I can just remember coming out onto a road, then getting to the end & there being no markers to show where to go. So I doubled back & by chance met some marshals who pointed me back in the opposite direction, & up a steep hill climb, which had been badly marked, & I'd missed it. Quite a few others got lost too. But I pointed this out to the organisers at the end, so maybe they took note of where it needed more signs or another marshal.
  • OK, thanks Bright Bimbler, there's one likely place that might be, which I know is very hard to mark claerly, but is usually marshalled. Anyway, I will flag it up.

     Good luck with the race by the way!

  • It was where a trail turned into a road. The route was left up a steep embankment, but I didn't see a tiny arrow that had twisted round & got hidden in a bush, image so I went forward into the road. It could do with a marshal there.

    Bet it's muddy with all this rain!!

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