Getting running fitness back again


 I used to post on here two years ago when I took up running and whilst I was never going to be Paula Radcliffe, eventually managed to run a 10k. Unfortunately, it all went  completely to pot over the winter time when it was cold and dark (I don't do cold!), but I keep wanting to take it up again.

Anyway, I joined a gym a week ago and am going to go running outside along the seafront today because it's a beautiful day, so I'm hoping to keep going this time and use the treadmill when it's too dark to go outside in the winter and will also be able to cross train. I've been doing 2-3 minute intervals in the gym so figure that I'll start at week 3 of C25K and see how I go.

Please give me some encouragement so I don't stop this time! Thank you.


  • Don't worry, Kate, most of us find that there are times when it all goes well and times when our running suffers. (Cold and dark are an issue for a lot of us, being human!) The main thing is that you're getting going again!

    Take your return slow and steady (run/walk is good, you could look at Jeff Galloway's site for more info and encouragement on that). And since autumn is on the horizon, you might think about whether you can do some things that will make it easier to keep going this winter.

    If you prefer running outside (most people do, once they've tried it), do you have the right gear for running in cold weather? Layers are the way to go---there's an article in the RW Beginners section about it, I think. And if you don't like dark, is it possible for you to run sometime during the daylight hours, maybe at lunchtime? If not, don't dismiss the dark. It can be a wonderful time to run! On a crisp evening it can be great to see all the lights in the windows as you go past; and my attitude toward early winter mornings was totally changed when a running friend said how lovely it was to run by moonlight and starlight! And if you really don't like it outside in winter, at least you do have the treadmill.

    Look for ways to adapt your running to the conditions that work for you, and you'll be fine! Good luck, let us know how you get on.
  • Hi,

    I did the Goofy in Florida in January 2010 (a Half marathon follwed by a Full marathon the next day) Since then work has got in the way and I've put on some weight and stopped running. image

    Tried to join North East Derbyshire Running Club but they don't want me. image  They don't want beginners and that's what I class myself again at the moment.

     I've been trying to start again for 3 weeks and just can't seem to motivate myself to get out there. I don't know if it is embarassment at potentially wobbling around or what!


  • Thanks for the encouragement. I've been along the sea front this morning - I'd forgotten how lovely it is with the wind going through my hair and the sun glinting off the water. I do have a few pounds to lose and a wobbly tummy (will be doing core stuff in the gym). I did find it harder going than on the trteadmill, but at the same time, it goes quicker if that makes sense because there's more things to look at!

     The treadmill will keep me going through the winter if nothing else - I hope, but when I can keep going for 30 mintues or so (I've done it once, so can do it again) I will rejoin WRN so that I can go for a run outside at least once a week in the dark without fear (i really don't like being out in the dark by myself). My husband likes to run a bit as well, but as we've two young children, we can very rarely both go together.

    Marathongirl, I would recommend women's running network if there's one in your area. They seem to be very beginner friendly and they don't seem to mind if you run really slowly. Also, if I can go outside with a few pounds to lose and a wobbly tummy - so can you. Go for it! 

  • The hard part is stepping out the door.

    I'm also making an attempt to get back to running fitness. I was running up to 10 miles two years ago until a foot injury stopped me and I lost condition and gained a lot of weight in the mean time. I'm back to a run/walk program but I still enjoy the good days when I feel strong and capable.

    It  is really a mental battle more than a physical one. I'm not a fan of the dark either though. I don't like running by the road so I need to go out in the day light to run out in the open spaces and tracks. I'm lucky that I have flexible working so I can go out at lunch time or finish early when the days are drawing in. It's so good to get out in the middle of the day and break up work. I also love that glowing feeling of generating your own heat on a cold day.

    I think the motivation though is picturing yourself when you've reached your goal and imagining how good you'll feel.

    Must lace up the shoes now, six times of run three min walk one for me.

  • I'm a converted ex- tready runner- yes, the dark evenings feel threatening to some of us, but the mornings can be beautiful, unless it's too icy underfoot to run, you'll feel nice and warm once you get going- I'd rather be outside , running, in almost any weather, now ,than roasting in the gym.
  • Congrats on your run Kate. I have just had a look at the WRN but there isn't a group anywhere near me unfortunately. I have got a labrador who will happily run alongside me for a few miles so I don't mind running by myself.

    Anyway I'm going to bite the bullet and go out tonight (when it is dark) I somehow can't manage to get up early at the moment - something to do with it being the summer holidays I think. I'll report back tomorrow.

    Jon Boy I'm sure you're right about it being a mental battle. I can't run in my lunch hour though because I teach so usually have stuff to prep for the afternoon. Might try to get home early (or do a few laps of the school field before I go home)

  • I'm meant to be going running today, but as I'm likely to be stuck at work until close to 7pm and have hardly seen my kids for days, it isn't going to happen. Have to be in work by 8am tomorrow so I'm not sure when ti will happen.
  • Managed to nip out the the gym in the end and did it on the treadmill - very slowly at about 5mph for no more than 3 minutes at a time. Whilst I was doing this, the girl on the next treamill was sprinting along at 6.5mph and had been for quite some time - she hadn't even broken a sweat. Perhaps I'll be able to do that one day, a long way off!
  • just keep on putting one foot in front of the other

    i'm still in the early stages as well but it's still good to get a little better each week. i could leave me from a month ago in the dust and if i can get back to running for a hour a night i know i'll feel great.

  • Ok well I've done the third run of week three c25k. The first two nearly killed me but the third one felt quite good and I was able to amble a little faster. On holiday for a week from tomorrow but will take my running shoes with me and try and get out.
  • Hi Kate

     Not sure whether you remember, but we were both hoping to do the Swansea 10k in 2008. I fell pregnant and by the September could not walk 10metres let alone 10km due to a back problem (pregnancy related!). I often wondered whether you completed the race, so I thought I would look you up. Like you, I have just restarted running. I am on week five of an eight week beginners program and I am hoping to run the Reading half marathon next year.

     We will probably be down in Swansea 6th-7th November, if you fancy a short amble on the sea front!


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