Milan Marathon

I am thinking of entering the Milan Marathon which takes place next April. Anyone out there done this? Is it good? Thanks!


  • Hi Gez,

      I did the Stramalino last year. I thought it was quite good & with all the other runs also happening the same day, there was a great buzz of runners. The course is very flat & goes through the city, but is a bit featureless I think.  It finishes in a big park behind the castle. I thought it was very well organised. Pity about the exchange rate & the cost of Euros now.

  • Hi Gez, I've just entered. Was looking for a marathon around then and apart from a charity place for London there was only really Brighton. I looked over seas and found this. The return flight was £55 from Dirty Leeds so I booked in for the race and then the flights. It was only then I looked into the race!! Sounds like its flat and fast but after about 6 or 7 miles its a little dull, not much support and in some previous years there were problems with motorists!! Sounds brilliant to me! I have heard that it is extremely well organised and there are plany of water stations. What's the worst that can happen???

    A couple of friends of mine have also booked. Both have never run a marathon but they want to run one before they get married in May. Another friend will also sign up, he's just waiting for his rejection letter for London first, Ive put it out to others and there has been some interest.

     Be good to keep this forum going to hear of others that may be taking part.

  • The Italians do really good marathons. They are very well organised and are not expensive. You may well need a doctors certificate to say that you will not drop dead during the race but I normally make one of these up on my computer. Great pasta parties the night before.
  • No Toes wrote You may well need a doctors certificate to say that you will not drop dead during the race but I normally make one of these up on my computer. 

    Am thinking of doing this one but no experience of running abroad. No Toes do you translate your 'doctors note' into italian language? Also do you know if they accept id other than a passport? IAAF card?

  • Ive signed up for this. Just booked hotel. A bit confused about the whole medical certificate thing?? Advice anyone??

  • French races demand a doctors note  and I've just seen that there is a health form on the web that we were meant to send to them.

    Notification of my number came by e-mail today so, I'm guessing it's not needed.

  • The rules on this seem very confusing. I'm going to fill out the form and bring it with me. May even do it officially with a Doctor, just booked an appointment. I wouldn't like to get there to be told I can't run!!

  • I did this in 07. Assuming the course hasn't changed, it is flat and fast. There is a dearth of scenery in the mid section. Running around the duomo was spectacular however. I got a great asics top free at the expo. I did Rome last March, and would definitely do more marathons in italy. Hope you all enjoy it!
  • Do it for sure. It is very well organised and there are loads of pre-race pasta parties in town the night before. I did my second yesterday. Milan also has a lot of relay teams (1300 yesterday) which really adds to the party atmosphere. Compliments to the organisers because there was a spell of freak hot weather (don't think UK hot) but they increased the amount of water available and had fire hoses acting as showers at some of them.

    The only odd thing with all the relay teams is when you are pushing hard in the last 10k and "Bugs Bunny" hurtles past you!
  • Hi,

    I've run Florence before and i just needed a doc's cert for that. I think its an italian thing. 

    @No More Nails - You said you booked a flight from Leeds for £55 - who was that with?  I'm looking at flying from leeds too but i cant find anything cheap.


  • I'm thinking about this one too. Just did Nice-Cannes and it was fantastic. Doing a trip away makes it all seem a bit more special - hard to gear up to run around Reading or Milton Keynes!
  • Hi everyone. Similar to No More Nails, was looking to do another marathon in April time and with London & Brighton chocca now, thought Milan would be fun. Concensus is that it's flat and pretty fast.

    I'm flying from Heathrow on the Saturday morning but not sorted any accomodation out yet. Any advises? somewhere within staggering distance of the finish line and a bottle of Perroni would be handy.

    Assume they should be able to throw a pretty decent pasta part too !!!!!   

  • Hi, I'm considering this marathon. Got Berlin in Sept but wanted to do a Spring marathon too.

    Emerson Paul, what airport you flying into? I've been given 3 options...

    Will be needing accomodation advice too!

  • Hi harvi,

     I'm flying into Linate, closest to the city apparently although not many carriers go there. The other 2 seem more popular. I'm flying with B.A. early Saturday returning mid afternoon Monday. Hope this helps !


  • Thanks Emerson! I have booked with EasyJet for Friday - Monday flying into Linate too. Booked Regina hotel which is close to the main centre. Can't wait! Good luck in your training!
  • Cheers Harvi, you too !

    May consider booking same hotel too unless anyone else can recommend anywhere else nearerby.

  • Hi all,

    I'm doing Milan this year. Does anyone know what the drinks situation is, as not on website?

    Do they have energy drinks? if so what brand in what quantity, frequency and vessel?

    Many thanks


  • I did this in 2010. Boring and relay runners kept elbowing you as they flew past you. The best part is running around the Cathedral where there is crowd support. There are energy drinks and I think they could be "Energade". I've done Rome 4 times (absolutely fab), Florence (worth doing) Venice (beautiful final part with 14 bridges) plus other minor ones such as Naples, Bari etc. I'm sorry to say that Milan is the worst one. That's just my personal opinion though and I hope that everyone who's booked has a great time.

     I emailed Milan Race Info and they replied as under :

     "the Energy drink staff will be “ENERVIT”. We’ll communicate soon what exactly there will be at the energy stations (probably (but not for sure) energy drinks, energy bars and maybe some gels after  the 21th km plus water, biscuits and fruits) "


    Hope this helps !


  • Emerson - How's your training going? All set for Milan? What time are you expecting? Did you book that Regina hotel? We actually ended up booking Hotel Ariston. Thought we had booked Regina but they went with Ariston instead. Nothing great but it's central.

    Marathon Molly - Thanks for sharing your experience! Has made me a little less excited about Milan but i'm sure it will be fine! Doing Berlin too so if I find Milan boring, I can look forward to Berlin.

  • Hi Harvi,

    Training : same as always.... shouldnt drink so much booze , should have trained more, shouldnt eat so much cr*p.... the ususal !! Aiming for 3.30-3.45 fingers crossed. What about yourself, things ok ?!

    Yep, booked the Regina hotel, it's really close to the finish and looked ok.

     I must admit, a few people Ive spoken to have said it's pretty boring but I suppose we get spoilt with our ones over here in the UK. They all cant be as good as London/Edinburgh/Brighton etc. Still, nice to do something different though.

     If anyone fancies comparing notes afterwards and meeting up for a drink or 2 let me know and I'll email my mobile number across.

     Run well everyone - keep the dream alive.  !!!!!


  • Harvi & Emerson - I really hope you enjoy it and I'm sorry if I've dampened your enthusiasm. If it's any help, I did Rome last month and it was pretty duff. They've changed the route and it's full of cobbles.

    Best of luck guys!!!

  • Hi Emerson, Gutted never booked Regina now! I'm definitely up for meeting for a drink afterwards. I'm getting there Friday around 5pm and planning to collect my bib Sat morning. Leaving Monday afternoon. What about you?

    If you can do 3:30 - 3:45 on eating junk and drinking booze, respect to you! I'm aiming for just under 4. Training's been going well but just been unbelievably tired past few days.

    London and Brighton have amazing atmosphere but do like races that are less crowded and you can just run your own pace. Not too bothered about bordeom now. Do my long runs myself so will be ok!

    Email me your number. We'll get in touch there for some drinks. 7 days to go!!

    Marathon Molly - Thanks! And that's fine. It's best to be prepared, know not to expect it to be like London. Shame you never enjoyed Rome. You do alot of marathons!! All the best for next one.

    Have a great race everyone doing Milan and see you there image

  • Sorry to hijack this thread, couldn't see one for 2013. I've decided to enter this, got the flights booked and the hotel with bargains on both, just going through the entry page. Has anybody used before for this? It just looks a bit...patchy! It's not a secure server and it's asking for my promotional code, which must be 16 digits. But it's not asking for any other info if it wants my credit card. Is this really right and where I enter my credit card details? I'm used to having to say expiry date, type of card etc.

    First marathon and first race abroad so a bit nervous about these bits!

  • Also sorry to hijack this thread.

    Do we definitely need to post a medical form prior to the bib collection or can I just bring it with me when I go to collect my bib number?

  • Hi Mike, Dean, All,

    I am also using this thread as there doesn't seem to be one for 2013. I was wondering if you are heading out for the Milan Marathon this weekend?

    Also, did you find an answer on when / how to send the Health Form. It is a bit of a curve ball thrown in to the entry!!

    I'm heading out on Saturday morning! Any ideas on where the good pasta parties are?

  • Hi Dushen,

    I emailed the marathon folks and they told me that you're fine to bring along a copy of your completed health certificate on the day along with your confirmation letter!

    Heading out to Milan tomorrow morning!

  • Hi Mike,

    Hopefully catch up for a drink if you staying near the finish. Drop me an email if are.



  • Milan 2013 was my first marathon. When researching options for a March/April race I'd read a few slightly negative comments on Milan in particularly. I found these completely unfounded or perhaps it was just that the Organizers had completely up their game.

    The course was well serviced with refreshment stations, more than the usual 5km interval, crowds were encouraging, administration staff fantastic and finish well organized. This year Milan city centre became "traffic free" with police doing a great job. The metro allowed my support team (aka husband) to cheer me on at various points throughout the day which was a huge plus.

    We had booked into Una Cusani which was only a block from the finish allowing me to limp back immediately after. Next door was the wonderful Brera district (fab food) - all in all a wonderful long weekend away!
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