Lingfield Park Charity Ultrafest 15th August 2011



  • Cheers for the encouragement H image
  • Very interested, but accomodation is the big thing, would be interested in sharing if possible.
  • g100,

    What race are you interested in?

  • I would hope that there would be enough 6in6 people to beable to share some sort of holiday let, I had a look and there are quite a few not too far away which , if we filled it would work out not too much for for a week.

    Pam said earlier that there would be accomadation for the continuous races,

  • Interested in the 6 in 6, is there a website yet? image
  • I'm interested in the 6 in 6 too and so is liverpoool lass too i think. That makes 4 of us at least with Foxsake and Hellen.
  • The accommodation is only for the 6 day, 48 hour and 24 hour ultra runners I'm afraid as they will be competing day and night with just short breaks for sleep etc. 

    The website is nearly ready

  • over on fetch there are a few interested parties

    are you going to camp ks or are you up for sharing something with a bed - not sharing the bed though!!!

  • I assume foaxake will camp with his wife and dog?
  • LOL @ Hellen image..........Yes, we would be prepared to camp.
  • website looking good pam! When can we enter!!!

    just a couple of things, not an issue but just wanted to confirm,

    it doenst mension anything about water for the 6in6

    also the 6in6 and 100mile dont say anything about parkiing but the others do, nor do they say anything about chip timing but the others do

  • Dunno Hellen, i'm sure if the costings were right several of us could share somewhere.

    Naturally i'm not adverse to camping although i dont actually have a tent image 

    Very tempted to slap the dates down for my hols next year when i go to work later on a provisional basis. Definatly up for 6 in 6 though. 

    Leads to the obviosu question for Pam in that those of us who fancy a 6 in 6 say but choose to skip a day or two say, do we pay upfront for all 6 days of the 6 in 6 and get a refund for days we dont do, or do we pay when we do them?

    Definatly in favour of Help for Heroes charity myself and thinking longer term doing this with company sponsorship means it would be one as a good indicator for 10 in 10 suitability.

    Now to work out when i'm on call next year (not a problem though as i now sort the on call rota out image) and then to decide when a couple of us from work will run the coast to coast cycle path as that would be a good training run for me. Guessing mid to late june would be a good time for that.

  • skip a few days?!!!

    I would want to do all 6 but I may get to 3 or 4 and really feel that I need a rest day so useful Q KS

  • Hi all,


    You need to enter the Marathons in advance and, if you are planning to do 6 then you must pay entries for 6. No refunds if you choose not to run. (it is a charity event)

    There will be water,  sports drink and portaloos for the Marathon at the side of the racecourse circuit which, by the way, is about 1.25 miles round.

    All the events will be chip timed.

    Car parking will be available, not yet known if it will be on the racecourse or in the main car park.

    I am hoping that the Marathon runners will get sponsored for the charities (proceeds split jointly between both). Sponsor forms will be available shortly.

    Any more questions?

  • Thanks for clarifying Pam

     With regards raising money, I tend to now have a just giving or similar sort of page, last time I used a different one as I was raising money for 2 charities and they then split it between them.  Cant remember the name (is at home) but it is free for charities to sign up and they dont take as much as JG of the donations.

    I assume it is OK for us to raise money online that way rather than give it to you afterwards to pass on, although that way you wont really know how much has been raised through the event (unless we tell you!)

  • Pam - Are there any rules for the 6 day race along the lines of you must run x hours per 24 hour period? IE could i choose to run a maximum of say 40 miles each day then stop until the following morning?

  • K I dont know the answer but I suspect you can as I remember Pam telling me that she did a 6 day race where she did I think 30 miles a day, she did those 30 miles then rested til the next day when she started again.  that sounds like what you are talking of.

    You tempted by 6 days now so you can get all the meals they talk about image

    Somewhere Pam also said that there woudl be a place to sleep for the 6 day runners, I assume a floor somewhere, not sure if you can go off site, dunno how that side of things work.

    There may also be some rule about you needing to be running at the end like in your 12 hour race

  • My eating habits are infamous after all Hellen image

    Was wondering on that thats all as i'm sure Pam has said the same to me previously too that she does so many miles each day and no more. Like to keep all the options open.

    Been to the hospital for my x-ray and will need to return to the doctors week after next to go over the results. Still  not bothering me when i run but not been over 5 miles yet.

  • I'm interested, at least for the last 3 days. Holiday let would be good if it was somewhere decent.

    Are we co-ordinating this here or over on Fetch?
  • image hello Paul a, what a suprise to see you on here image
  • I was just window shopping image
  • I dont come on here very much so prefer fetch if coordinating anything!

    The Fox, Mrs F and Max are camping

    KS is also talking of camping

    2FF and Pesto and Pestofeet would prob want somewhere on their own image

  • Interested, will see how things develope before committing.

    June / July could end up being a bit manic and current job is a bit up in the air so I will have to see.

  • hello Joe

    How was the race Pam? Did you manage to sell this one to people over there?

    Any more news on if you have sponsorship?

  • Hi all,

    Monaco was great fun but a bit wet and very cold.

    Did not make my 400km target but got 360.8km which works out more than a Marathon a day.

    Thanks to everyone that sponsored me.

    Lots of interest in the 6 day race but have not yet had time to approach sponsors. Will start that next week.

  • I'm interested in either the 24 or 48hr events.

  • Cancelled for 2011, Pam is hoping to find suitable dates for 2012.
  • LINGFIELD PARK ULTRA FEST – 2011It is with great regret that the organisers of the LINGFIELD PARK ULTRA FEST 2011 have to announce the CANCELLATION of the 2011 event.This is due to unforeseen work taking place at the Horse Racecourse during August and it was not possible to find another suitable date.However it is such an ideal location and the Race Course Management are fully behind the event, so, it is proposed not to waste all the preparation work, and stage the Fest in 2012.A date will be announced after the Horse Racing programme in known for 2012 (Oct 2011), but is hoped to stage it in the month of August 2012.The event organisers apologise for any inconvenience caused, and look forward to welcoming all in 2012. For further information see our website  
  • Myself and a pal will be interested in doing the 6 in 6 next year, I'll be keeping an eye on the Lingfield Park Ultra Fest website for future developments.

  • Hope to have a date confirmed in the next few weeks. Looking at mid August 2012.
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