Lingfield Park Charity Ultrafest 15th August 2011



  • Great news pam, really want to do the 6 Marathons in 6 Days, or maybe 4 in 4 and want to know which other things I can do as quite a few events end of July/beg aug, this would be my priorty though so when I know when this is I can decide what is realistic in terms of other things.
  • Any news on a date yet? Sorry to be impatient but want to plan my other events!
    If not too close then I may do Davos k78 again and want to get mh flights before air miles change the system.! Also want to know if I can do HOTH as I think that is going to fill up soon!
  • Have a meeting at Lingfield Parknext week so hope to have some news soon.
  • any news?

    also, do you know of any other 24 hour races apart from the one at the weekend, (and yours cos I think I will do 6 marathons in 6 days)

  • Helen,

    Plenty of 24 hour races abroad but not too many in U.K.

    Lingfield Park are still unable to confirm date so I might have to start looking for an alternative venue just in case it goes 'pear shaped'. Might mean no 6 in 6 if we change venues.

    There is a great event in Antibes (France) in June. I am thinking of doing 48 hours next year. 

    Watch this space!

  • thats a shame about lingfield.

    The thing with abroad is it would most likely have to be school holidays as I am a teacher.  London is OK for a weekend though!

    Are most 24 hour events on tracks or short loops which are well lit? IS there a website with them?

  • 24/48 hour races are sometimes on tracks or might be other circuits. Usually not more than about 1 km round.

    Good websites to check fixture list woul be the German DUV or

  • Bad news I'm afraid, Lingfield Park can't give me a week for this event in 2012 either so I am now back to square one looking for a venue.

    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

    We need a 1 km flat circuit (approx) that can be lit at night. Place to use as a dormitory, dinner hall or similar with  kitchen and of course showers and toilets.

    ? Boarding schools or colleges.

    All ideas welcome.

  • I used to teach at woldingham school CR3 7YA, near caterham, 20 mins from gatwick

    Not sure about a 1km circuit that is lit though

    I know they have conferences therre over the summer where they do meals and people stay

    Just been looking at events abroad. A lot of them have not got there dates for next year. My difficulty is finding something in school hols or where I can do the return trip at the weekend

    Have you come across the Athens international festival?
  • I have been to Athens. They use the old airfield, a 1km circuit, flat, tarmac and lit day and night. The circuit is alongside a busy main road.

    You can take a tent or sleep in nice rooms indoors.

    It is not a bad event but the food is rubbish!

  • If you're still looking for a venue, bearing in mind you asked Lingfield, try a couple of other racecourses.

    Kempton Park (Southwest London) and Wolverhampton (mids) both have the facilities to be lit at night, they have the same sort of allweather surface as Lingfield.

    Southwell (mids) also has the same layout, but not sure if is has floodlights.  Am not sure of the track distance for any of these but it may be of some help.

    My apologies if you are looking for a venue specific to the Lingfield area, but I just thought I'd post those suggestions incase they are of any use.  image

    Good luck!! 

  • Thanks SuerunnerI will have a look at the websites.

    One of the problems with racecourses is that, like Lingfield Park. they have race meetings nearly every weekend and I need 7 days. 

  • does it have to be 7 days?

    We had our club 10km at Preswold hall race course, I am not sure if it is lit , I dont think they use it any more but might be wrong.  A bit out of london but close ish to east midlands airport

  • We need a Sunday to set up, 6 day race will start on Monday and finish on Sunday. 24 hours and 48 hours will be at the end of the week.

    Once I get back from Monaco I will start visiting venues.

  • Good luck in Monaco
    My entry is in the post for Crawley
  • Really sorry folks but Ultrafest will not be taking place in 2012 as I have been unsuccesful in raising sufficient money to stage the event.

    Hope to try again in 2013.

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