Snake Lane 2011


I haven't run the snake lane 10 before but it has been chosen for one of our club championship races this year. I know it fills quickly once the entry forms are released so just wondering if anyone knows when entry opens? and also what is the likely date for the 2011 race?



  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    No date set yet YS, usually one of the last 2 weekends of Feb.  The forms came out in October last year as far as I can remember.

    Typically it takes about 3-4 weeks to fill up, not quite as manic as the Brass Monkey!  Keep an eye on the Pock runners site for updates.

  • It seems odd to choose a race which fills up fairly quickly for a club championship, unless you have guaranteed places with the organisers.  I would get your club secretary to contact Pocklington Runners to get some entry forms sent as soon as it opens.
  • The race is on 27th February, Pocklington Runners are still finalising plans, entry details will be announced in september. No deals will be done beforehand with anyone.
  • Thanks all.

    I will keep an eye on the pocklington website and then we can post a link on our club website once entry opens. 3/4 week fill up doesn't sound too bad - I was worried it was going to be a brass monkey scenario! (although I have been lucky enough to have a BM place for the last 3 years image)

  • According to it filled up in 25 days last year.  Can't see any info about next year's race yet.
  • Entry forms are on Uk Results site
  • So they are, thanks very much. Strange there doesn't seem to be anything on Pocklington Runners actual website.
  • I fear I may have missed the boat, anyone know if the race is full yet please?
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    JR.. there is usually an announcement on the John Schofiedl site when the race is full, that hasn't happened yet.  I'd get on with it if I were you image
  • Excellent news, a thousand thank yous Wardi. JR.
  • Approx 150 places left as of today, from what I'm told.
  • Got my number today, 731 image
  • 150 places left, get moving if you want one  !
  • Hi, have numbers been sent out? Cheque has been cashed but no race pack as yet?
  • They usually come out much nearer the time so people dont lose them I think!
  • No number yet but noticed that hareandtotoise has one? Anyone else had theirs yet?
  • It's probably a bit early for numbers to be sent out - I'd expect mine in Jan sometime - would hate it to get thrown out with the chrimo rubbish!
  • Has anyone recieved their number for Snake Lane yet?
  • Me neither.
  • No nor me, I was starting to wonder.
  • I found an email address which I have sent to so will let you know when or if I hear anything!
  • Had an email last night saying they were despatched yesterday (being Sunday image), but lo and behold, mine arrived this morning - 548 and I'll be fetched up so keep an eye out and say hello image
  • Hi, got mine today too - sods law! 519

    See you there

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