Runner's Ball

OK let's see how we all fair with this thread.

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you please welcome...

Mr & Mrs Rathon and their mother Ma... Rathon.

Mr & Mrs Ade and their homosexual Norwegian nephew, Gay Tor... Ade.

Mr & Mrs Gersnipple and their very cold daughter, Jo... Gersnipple.

Mr & Mrs Bennett-will-this-tread-ever-get-off-the-ground, and their son......


  • Mr & Mrs Imtommytucked and their son Jesus... Imtommytucked.

    All the way from Germany...
    Mr & Mrs Ingtee and their son Vic... Ingtee.

    Also from Germany...
    Mr & Mrs Vall and their glycogen depleted, Francophile son, Hitler... Vall.
  • Also from Germany, Frau Tratemonitor and her husband Herr....Tratemonitor.

    I had to get that one in.

    I'll be back....

  • again form Germany Herr & Frau Kuntryrun and their son Kraus..
  • You're all just MAD!
  • Late arrivals -

    Mr and Mrs Londo Nmarathon and their daughter . . . . now what was her name?

    Well somebody had to do introduce them!
  • Mr & Mrs Run and their distant Chinese cousin Tem Po...

    From ancient Rome, via Dublin, Mr & Mrs O'Toomax, and their 3 children. That makes 5 O'Toomax, I mean V O'Toomax.

    From Athens, Mr & Mrs Tendinitis and son, Achilles... (what a heel!)

    Straight from their grand tour of Italy, Mr & Mrs Band-Syndrome, frightfully posh, and their Indian nursemaid Ayah T ...
  • Well done Bear and Oldbones - I love the German contingent!!!!
  • Sorry these things keep popping into my head. I hope it's amusing somebody else, 'cause I find it a great release.

    Put your hands together please for the Nee family from Southern India. Yes, it's the Mysore Nees... What's this? they've brought their neighbours along, the Shins, the Nips, the Kwads, the Kaafs and the Fheet!
  • How about that old runners favourite...

    Please welcome from Ireland, the O' Ria's and their daughter Di.
  • Senor y Senora Hundredmetres and their son Juan...
  • Mr & Mrs O'zadesport and their son Luke...
  • And the no-shows...

    Mr and Mrs Bownes are here, but their daughter Lacie couldn't be bothered.
    Mr Feet has had to come alone because his wife Fay Ray couldn't find trainers small enough. Maybe he will be pair up with Mrs Bunnie, whose husband Jim decided that his cross-training session was more important than attending the ball.
  • Cheers chaps. Keep 'em coming.

    From North Wales, Mr & Mrs Sdatrain and their son Ray...

    From Ireland again, Mr & Mrs Alap and their son Fin...

    There's got to be scope for more ISIHAC stuff. How about a runner's book club or a runner's film club.
    Bring Me The Legs of Alfredo Garcia!
  • Christ, your minds really are bottomless pits of trivia! Does NOBODY do any work anymore?

    What do you mean, how many hours did I spend composing Forum limericks yesterday?
  • You lot are all crackers! Stark raving lunatics :)
  • Come on in, Cath, the water's lovely.

    Mr & Mrs Bulshinsplints and their son, Terry...

    Usually from Kenya but always up front, Mr & Mrs Trunners and their daughter Ellie...
  • ...And not forgetting our old favourite, Mr Dick E Knee.
  • ...or Mr Tom E Trubbles (sometimes joins me for long runs!).
  • T&TM, beautifully put!
    Long runs or short trots?
  • Mr and Mrs Lekrun and their flatulent son Gunter (but they just call him Fart).
  • Mr and Mrs Tervaltraining and their son, Ian.
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