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Hi all, I only have time for 2 days decent training: Mon hill/speed work 45 mins and Thurs or Fri 5mile run at 8-9 min pace. My 10k pb is 51mins and 5k pb is 22mins which I'm pleased with.

However I just feel I need to train more, but find it difficult time wise due to work and family commitments.

 Any suggestions how I could improve  the quality of my training. I could fit in some very short15-20min runs, but is it worth doing this. I have only been running six months.

Any suggestions?

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  • If you are concentrating on lowering your 5k PB then 15-20 min fast runs would definitely be beneficial. If you are looking at competing in longer distance events like half's and marathons though I dont think that 20minuter runs is going to accomplish much more than just keeping your fitness ticking over

    Hope that helps!


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