Shoe Experts Advice Required!

Hi guys

I use Mizuno Wave Mushas and Sauchony Fasttwich's which do me well up to marathon distance. I'm running my second ultra in a couple of weeks and I'm getting worried about these shoes as I get bof pain when I get close to marathon distance.

I'm looking to buy a cheap-ish pair of shoes with more cushioning. I still want them to be as light as possible as that's what I'm used to, just a bit more cushioning.

Any ideas?

Thanks guys


  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭

    Just a random one - do you use sorbathanes in your lghtweights? Might make all the difference?

    I use lunar racers for my main shoes now - they are light but cushioned and you may be able to get the old style ones for a bit cheaper, but I wouldnt call them cheap... worth a thought anyway!

  • I wear Saucony Grid Tangents and managed 50 miles without any problems, although they're not always easy to get hold of.
  • Juts a thought, B7, but you've left it very late to be looking for new running shoes for an ultra.  As your current shoes cause a problem after 20-25 miles you can't be sure new shoes won't do the same... or worse.  If the pain is just along the bottom of your foot you might be better off trying some cushioned insoles.
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