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As a regular road runner, I am about to face my first off road marathon in October (Beachy Head)

 I currently run in Asics 2150, yet need to also start to train running off road and am not sure of which trail  shoes to go for

All advice welcome




  • hi chris

    I haven't done beachy head yet but will this year.......

    i run in Asics 1150's and my son runs in asics 2150's and we both run in the asics trabuco trail shoes.......they are really comfortable and I have done loads of off road runs in them since i had them in december last yearimage

  • chrisg9chrisg9 ✭✭✭

    Thanks Seren nos

     good luck with beachy head

  • Hi seren nos,

    Are your trabucos the same size as your 2150s or did you have to go up a size?

    I've had them in the past, and even 1/2 a size bigger was a bit snug.

    Ta, Phil.

  • I also run in 2150's on road and needed some off roaders.  Stuck with Asics as know the sizes.  Got Asics Gel Trail Attack's.  Bit cheaper than the Trabucos.  Both have good reviews.
  • My trabucos are actually 1/2 a size smaller than my running shoes...........they are both ladies style............I wear my running ones a full size or 2 bigger than my normal shoes..............I say 1 or 2 because I can'tt remember the last time I bought a pair of shoes that wasn't for running in.............image and my feet might have clarify. I have usually been a 7 or occassionally 8 in normal shoes...but always run in ladies 9 .( which are bigger than the mens 8 1/2 for some reason)........but in the trabucos I run in 8 1/2's...........I probably don't want these to be loose or I would lose them in the mud.

     wemustbemad.............have those got any support for overpronation............I know the trabucos have and as some of the times the trails are hard or I have to run on roads to get to the mountains then I have found the trabuco's great in avoiding injuries on these surfaces.....image

  • if the weather is good leading up to BHM, then you won't need trail shoes as the trails will be hard packed and even if it does rain, the chalk soaks it up quickly so road shoes are fine most times. there's only a couple of short sections (in Friston Forest) that need extra grip even if it has been dry over most of the course.

    keep an eye on the BHM thread in Events as the question of road vs trail for this event crops up every year - I live close to the route and know it well so will be keeping an eye on the trails for people and will post any observations there.

    sure, if it's peeing down like last year then trail shoes will help. I also use Trabucos as my normal road shoe is Nimbus - Trabuco is fine for neutral and mild overpronators. they can feel snug at first but improve with wear. they can feel hard underfoot on road and hard pack trails but are fine when the going gets softer.

    it always best if you bring road and trail shoes and then decide on race morning - 80% of the time, road will suffice
  • I run in Adidas Kanadias, lovely fit and very light - personal preference and a good running shop will sort you out with fitting
  • I stuck with same size and they are fine.

    Hi  Seren Nos - I have orthotics - see attached link which hopefully is some help to you


  • you find them ok..........I take it you wear you orthotics in both........just wondering as the 2150's are for those who overpronate a lot........whilst the ones you linked to seem to be for those who are neutral or under pronate...........

    As long as you find they are comfortable and not giving you any problems........then I all is well.image

    sprint for the line.My OH has those adidas ones and finds them good......he's a neutral runner....  pity my son didn't take after him instead of meimage

  • Seren Nos - I have custom inserts - use in both shoes (to stop my foot rolling in) so don't worry too much about what the shoes is supposed to do as think this overrides - anyway it works......
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