10k obstacle race

Evening all

 I'm entering a 10k obstacle race which is in Edinbrugh in September.  I'm ok with the generic training needed for a 10k but I'm not sure how to train for the obstacles.

 Is it simple interval/fartlek stuff I need to be looking at?



  • I would suggest that during your normal training runs, detour occasionally to scale a garden wall, scramble over the odd parked car and use a ladder to enter your upstairs bedroom window rather than using the front door when you get home


  • I did the 5k one in Manchester. The obstacles are nothing to worry about. Just stuff like climbing over a small set of railings and jumping over a bench. The hardest one was getting through the bouncy castle
  • Cheers Dean

     Not sure if it was the same format as you entered.  This one apparently has car pushing, step running and an army assault course to name but a few.

    It's at www.mhsurvival.co.uk

     Thanks for the feedback guys

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Wouldn't do any harm to make some runs into a sort of circuit training session, e.g. run over the park and stop every ten minutes or so for a session of press-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squat thrusts...
  • have a look at http://xrunner.co.uk/ they have some training suggestions
  • Matthew I have done mhsurvival twice and have entered again this year for the the nottingham course , the obstcales really sap your energy last year it was pouring down so all the obstcales were wet which made it twice as hard!! Definatley work on uper body weights , press ups etc pulling yourself over things is what killed me and if its the same as Nottingham the wall of fame is the final obstcale and you have to heave yourself over a massive wall!!!Also I never realised how heavy a traffic cone was !!!!

    Its ace fun though hence I am going for a third time , be preapred to get muddy wet bruised and battered but you will have a laugh !!!!

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