glasg0w clubs????

Hi, I am l00king t0 see if any0ne kn0ws 0f the best 0pti0n f0r j0ining a triathl0n club. I live in Glasg0w and there are apparently 2 clubs GTC and Fusi0n but b0th are very much west end based. I live in the east end and d0nt drive s0 t0 be travelling h0me each night fr0m these places w0uld be very difficult. D0es any0ne have any suggesti0ns as t0 h0w t0 impr0ve my training either with an unkn0wn gr0up (? un0fficial gr0ups/clubs anywhere?) 0r ways 0f training t0 impr0ve. I kn0w this is vague but I guess I am just h0ping s0me0ne will c0me 0ut 0f the w00dw0rk with s0mething viable! I have l00ked numer0us times at Fusi0n and GTC but I just d0nt see h0w I will get t0 these places after w0rk then get h0me safely (especially in winter!)


  • I've got a freind who's a member of Stirling Tri!I think she might live in Glasgow, she might know of another club. Let me ask her & I'll get back to you! image
  • Info back from Glasgow based friend:
    "Fusion do operate a Lanark-based club as well as the more central Glasgow one but these are the only two clubs in Glasgow at the moment. Some gyms (David Lloyd possibly) do some less organised sessions but I'm not sure exactly which ones. Most people tend to travel to either Fusion or GTC. They could always give Stuart Milne at GTC a ring to see if he knows anyone who stays out there who could help."

    Hope this is of help!!
  • Thanks LS!! I think 0ne night I sh0uld just bite the bullet and p0p al0ng and see h0w it is getting there and back, but u make a g00d p0int ab0ut there p0tentially being 0thers 0ut this way wh0 c0uld help! image
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