Bristol Harbour Tri

That was fun. Great to do a closed road event for a change. I think this event will grow & grow.

Swim was a little congested at the start, but seemed to go off quite well. The flat bike route up & down the A4 Portway was great, if you like flat courses. &  aflat run to finish.

A few teething problems for the first event but I'm sure BADTri will get those sorted, Get your entries in early for this one next year coz it might fill up.


  • I popped down to watch - how did you do Slugs?
  • Nice day for watching, hope ypu enjoyed it.

    Great swim, 3rd out the water in the first wave. Quite surprised that I stayed in front of so many of those fast bikers. Struggled a bit on the run & came home 15th vet. Quite pleased. Beat a clubmate who's given me a bit of a kicking all season, so that was good. Lost out to another clubmate who
    I would hope to beat - not so good.

    Wonder what the locals thought of it.

  • Think I'll have to enter next year!! Go back to my old stomping ground! Not sure fancy swimming in the Cumberland Basin though!!

    How was the visibility?? image
  • Well done Slugs.  I watched both the waves - fantastic swimming you!  What a beautiful day for it.  I was well-positioned to watch the swims on one side then the bikes/runners going in/out on the other.
  • Thanks for coming Slugs!!  Well aware of some of the teething problems, but feel free to mention them via email to the team and I'm sure they'll do their best to weed them out for future events.

     Parklife - were you the lady sat on the wall a short way along the portway during the second wave?  

  • Water quality was good. It looked very green, but when you got in it was surprisingly clear, It was also pretty good to taste, yes I know I you're not suposed to drink it, but I cant close my mouth quick enough so some always goes in.

     Will email my feedback to the club - no critisism just a few ideas to help out, most of which I'm sure the guys are onto anyway.

  • Hi Slacker - don't think that was me.  I was behind the metal fence on the grass opposite the Pump House with lots of other people. 
  • There was also a lady sat out on the run course, about half way out to the turn with a Pirate top on, I did say thanks for the shout.. I was in the first wave & as my name sugests getting over taken by the fast guys on the run. Must have lost 7 places!

    The crowd were great around the Harbour, & nice to see a few out along the course as well. Nice day for spectating I assume.

  • Popped down to watch as well. First time I have been to any Tri event and really enjoyed watching.

    Wonder what the locals thought of it. - The Evenging Post ran a very negative front page story and comment  on Thursday as the Portway was closed again and somebody had complained that he would have to drive an extra mile to work ffs. I am surprised as they normally offer very good, positive coverage of the 10k and half marathon.
    Portway gets closed for the 10k, half, Big Bike Ride and there was a recent charity "death slide" event  across the gorge which due to technical difficulties only 17 people were able to complete.

    However Bristol City Council is in favour and I can see tghis event growing.

  • Slacker, IM wrote (see)
     Parklife - were you the lady sat on the wall a short way along the portway during the second wave?  
    Slugs wrote (see)
    There was also a lady sat out on the run course, about half way out to the turn with a Pirate top on,

    That was me!  I was standing in front of the houses along the Portway for most of the bike, then swapped over to the other side to sit on the wall to cheer on the runners as they went in and out.

    Seems a great event and it's on my 'to-do' list for next year.

  • image  Didn't realise you were going to be there Schmunks, would've been nice to see you.  Are you thinking about doing it next year?

  • Neither did I 'til Saturday image.  Definitely pencilled in my diary for next year but it depends on whether it will add anything to my proposed A race for 2011.  If I am not taking part, I will most prob offer to marshall

  • Thanks for the support Schmunks!!  (and Parklife, although I didn't see you...)  Chief Marshal is a sometime Pirate too...

     I was in BADTri kit wearing blacknyeller Oakleys.  Water was quite pleasant, and clearer than I expected...  And I still managed to get kicked in the face twice before the first buoy!!  

  • Were you pleased with your time Slacker?  I'm a recent recruit to BADTri - joined in April and  I've met chief marshal a couple of times. image  I marshalled at Tockington then did my first sprint the weekend after.
  • Just a tad, Parklife...  Somehow managed to hang onto the lead in my age group despite cramping hugely halfway through the run!!  Second overall, how could I not be pleased with that?  Fired out the fastest bike split in the process too, but I blame the bike for that.

    Chances are we've actually met on a couple of occasions, do you do many (any?) club sessions?

  • Wow - great result Slacker. image  

    I tend to just do swim sessions as I run with my club and have only just purchased a road bike - might venture out on a bike session soon. image  Need to ramp up the swim sessions as I'm making slow progress and can't really do another tri until I improve.

  • Slugs...  Race number 106?  Top work, that man, pretty handy swim there!!
  • Yes that was me. Thanks Slacker IM. Pleased with the swim, just missed out out on the feet of the lead pair, and couldn't get up to them. Lets see If I can repeat it for the Little Woody on Saturday.

     Just got to get the bike & running back to where I was. Its going to be a hard winter!

  • Video of the race.  That you about 55seconds in, Slugs?

  • Unfortunately no. The shot just before of the first 3 swimmers, I'm the third, I think on the left hand side. Cant remember what colour hats the vets had, & somebody 'aquired' mine from transition along with my goggles.  Otherwise the cameraman missed me for the whole raceimage

  • Slacker - thanks for FB message.  Have tried to reply via there but am having problems sending messages and you don't have PM enabled here.
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