Sri Chinmoy Marseilles 24hr

I think I've got my entry in!  I sent it to the address on the website but I'm not sure whether the cheque was made out to the right name.  I've booked my flights and just need to get my French degree educated friend to book the specially discounted hotel for me.

The thing that got me through the last 24 hour race was the unwavering encouragement being shouted at me from the sidelines.  I'm a bit concerned that some of that encouragement may get lost in the translation so was wondering if any other English speakers could be cajoled into participation.

 Anyone interested in a wee plod in France?


  • pointing and laughing is the same in any language.... a bad sign.

    ditto smiling and applauding.. a good sign.

  • Cheers Ed, they'll probably look the same after half way anyway!  As far as I am aware the numbers will be the same in french as english and that's all I need to worry about.
  • MM, are they still taking entries for this? Is this the correct website?

  • That's the one SM.  I believe they take entries right up until the day.  I haven't heard back from anyone yet.  I need to get my french speaking friend to do an e-mail for me.

    I hope the organisers are a nicer lot than the ones you've just endured!

  • ooooo.. endured ?... is there ultra gossip ive missed ?
  • See SM's post on the UTMB thread.............
  • Just to let any other would be runners know that I went to book my accommodation last night only to find (after a fair amount of searching) that this run has been cancelled.  To say I'm a bit narked is a slight understatement.

     I never had any confirmation of acceptance, any response from my e-mail and no notification that the race had been cancelled.  £200 on air fares down the drain and a trip from the Isle of Man to a Manchester hospital to get my ankle MRI scanned and a consultant's appointment  to get the all clear for the run a total waste of time.

     .........but I'm not bitter image

  • i've always found the whole Fray Bentos organisation to be a bit iffy.  When Bentos himself snuffed it last year, they just closed down Run and Become for 2 weeks with no notice for a marathon poetry writing session, or whatever they do.  it was fckn annoying, as I needed some new shoes.

    fortunately Runners Need now have my business, so everyone's happy

  • Worth knowing Candy, thanks.  It says that they'll try and run it in 2011 but there'll be a certain Manx Muppet who won't be on the start sheet.
  • ommmmm


    send me some cash and i'll award you a sanskrit name.  possibly "ongar manx muppet"

  • To be fair, they didn't cash the 45 euro cheque but I'm trying not to count exactly how much I'll be out of pocket.  I'm going to use some champagne (possibly the best thing to come out of france, along with brie) to transcend myself tonight as it's Mrs M's birthday image
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