Geocaching with a Garmin

I have been reading about Geocaching and was wondering if it was possible to use a Garmin 305 to find a GPS location?


  • Hmm, the 305 won't give you a grid coordinates, but you might be able to do it indirectly by storing a path in it that goes to the grid location. Bit of a faff though.
  • You can with the 405, I've done it.

    You can enter a location, and the compass arrow will point the way, I thought the 305 had the same functionality......

  • Don't know, I guess I shall have to dig out the instructions, unless anyone else has any ideas?
  • you can enter the latitude and longitude in degrees and also the elevation on a 305
  • I've just downloaded soem to my 305 looks like i'll have to follow the compass just as Danowat said above!!!
  • Thanks for the advice. It worked! Took my daughter out, and we found 2/4 caches. Garmin worked great once I worked out what I was looking at! And It got small person away from the Xbox for a change, treasure hunting is soooo much more exciting than just "going for a walk with Mum". We're hooked!
  • Found my first ine today and found a brand new park that I didn't know exsisted just down the road!!!
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