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Hi Everyone! I've been watching the Outlaw thread with interest and wondered is anone on here doing IMUK 2011? The general consensus is that Outlaw is the better event (certainly cheaper!) but for some reason im drawn to the IM event (maybe it's a newbie thing - but im facinated!) So I've preregistered for IMUK2011 and wondered if there was anyone here that wanted to share training tips/ advise along the long training plan to the race itself! After a couple sprints and aquathons i completed my first olympic distance tri last weekend and absolutely loved it - had the time of my life! Broadly targetted 3hrs and come in 2:42, which included a 43m 10K, which i was delighted with. Been facinated with IM for ages and now i really have it in my teeth that it's what i want to do. I have completeed a few marathons in average time(3.50) but this will be a whole new challenge I dont yet have a training plan - it's a full 12 months away, but currently train 8 - 10 hrs a week, I'm very fortunate with the sea on my front door - i can swim OW twice a week! Good workout too with the tide/ currents! Looking forward to sharing in everybody's experiences in the pain and joy in the comming months!



  • why not join the forum big trip to IM Regensburg next year? there will be loads (40+ at least) from the forum competing there - and you'll get a much better intro than from the UK event which is generally reckoned to be amongst one of the tougher courses but the worst organisation and experience of all the European IM.

    I look forward to reading about your winter sea training though...image I have the sea close to me but it only gets me in between late April and October....
  • FB don't be soft - loads of folks swim in the sea all year round. HTFU. image

    Mr Z - welcome to our mad world. image

  • Sorry about the wall of text! image i cant get the hang of paragraphs on this forum - whenever i hit enter the cursur jumps above the current text - not below! The Solent stays warm(ish) till mid November, will brave it out as long as we can then may have to retreat indoors -booo!
  • Mr Z, enjoy the ride. I did IM UK this year as my first step up to the big one, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I had the debate as to whether do a European one, or stick with UK, and UK won. Cost and logistics were my main factor, and I still have the option to do another bigger event next time. As to 2011, undecided, but I have pre-registered. I did say I would do it again in 2012, but 2011, watch this space.
  • Thanks for the welcome - always amazing at how friendly these boards are!image

    What's the consensus on a good level of off season training to maintain? 6 hrs? Got the cross country season approaching which will be a fun way to maintain competitiveness

  • I don't think there is a consensus on time off or on season - some people do loads; others do little but still get around in some good times.

    the key for off season is to build the base and if you have any weak areas such as swimming, focus on improving these - this might be technique, power, stamina etc - and the same goes for bike and run. perhaps throw some races in as well for the fun and training element. get used to say 3/4 hr bikes rides. don't worry too much about speed in the base training, just get used to the specifics

    if you build up the bases now, then come the new year you can the focus on a plan to build up the distances to race level and this will increase the hours.
  • +1 on going abroad for your IM experience.  They really know how to do them over there. Regensburg will be awesome.

     As for keeping your fitness going - I keep running and cycling  - just not the swimming. Er even when I'm training I dont really do much swimming...

     Cross Country will be great for you.

  • Another  +1 for going abroad, went to Austria in 2007 for my first with the Pirates, racing abroad is completely different - much better support and organisation

    I am planning on keeping swimming 4-5 times a week during the winter, OW will stop for me in a couple of weeks to return to proper training in the pool.  It is easy to keep ticking over up until Xmas, then you might want to start adding some structure for your summer IM.

  • I'm glad that I have finally done an IM branded event, Haven't been to a European event, but after IMUK and then watching the Outlaw, if I was ever tempted it would have to be the Outlaw
  • + 1 for abroad
    + 1 for Outlaw
    - 10 for IMUK
  • wow...just a couple of weeks has passed and the IMUK thread raised its new head (along with Tri's new M. it)
    I'm torn between outlaw and Z, for your sake as your new....I missed out on a finish at IMUK by about 14 miles or so.
    I think it tends to get a bit of bad press compared to the european ones but in fact its superb....i felt it was well done...we were well looked after and it was a great event. i went to the outlaw course this weekend for the club champs and i wouldnt want to finish a long long day round that lake 4 times...that said the bike course if faster so might buy me more time.
    For me though..i think i have unfinished business with IMUK.

    Cant believe we're at it again and its a year away...oh for a penny
  • Does anyone know the actual date for IMUK 2011 yet? Do we expect it to be around the same time of year as 2010 i.e. August. And is it still in Bolton?
  • Dave- did i read above that you're tempted to do the Outlaw?  Great stuff- what time shall we meet on the 24th July?  image
  • I said if I was tempted....

    Promised TLS no more IM's.. I'll be taking photos tho

  • Andy - wow, to miss by 14 mintues - must have been soul destroying! You certainly have my admiration for even contempating it again!

    Sweetfeet - i'd just made the massive assumption that it would be in the same place at the same time of yearimage, although they have opened prereg and you'd hope that they would let you know id there was change of venue ect. They have opened entry for 70.3 to be held at Bolton - so i'd assume the IM would be at the same place

  • Think you will find 70.3 UK is still at Wimbleball, not Bolton

    Wimbleball Lake Country Park,
    near Dulverton,
    TA22 9NU

  • I really need to stop making assumtions image
  • I was chatting to some triathletes on the way back from IMDE this year  - they'd done a few euro IM races and did IMUK last year. They really didnt rate it and were sticking to the European races in future.
  • They are probably right, but they have done it so can tick it off. Having started doing this sport, and being from the UK, it just feels right somehow to do the event in your own country if you can. I plan to do it in 2011 for this reason. Longer term I want to add to my list of Euro IMs...

  • Hye no...14 miles.....i'd done 126 miles but was in a right state and running out of time for the speed i was moving at and feeling quite Ill so i made the decision to withdraw.
    if you want to read what happened (especially if you want a cautionary tale) here is the race report

    but i stand by what i say....its a great race and worth entering!
  • Cheers Andy, was going to say that was a fantastic read but not entirely sure that "fantastic" is the appropriate word to used given the heartache you endured. Thank you for sharing that though - i'm sure that having been through that, that if you were to convince yourself to attempt it again you would blaze it!
  • andy - a cracking summary of a bad day at the office. you'll be back mentally stronger and physically fitter I bet for next year. good luck
  • Andy - great read. Bad luck for not finishing but top marks for trying and giving such an honest assessment. See you next yearimage.
  • now don't y'all forget to check out my race report linked on t'other thread.
  • wow andy... awesome stuff.

    i've been those dark places you went on that day, you can only come back out stronger and wiser.

  • Andy, what a day you had. I am seriously considering an Ironman next year. Reading your tale fills me with excitement  and fear. I know I will feel as nervous as you did at the start, if I can get to the start. I think that is an achievement in itself.

  • Cornish, IMO if you're considering it you've already signed up...just go for it...if you don't try you'll never know right???
    Thanks for the kind comments guys. i'm pretty sure i'll be on the start line come August.
    By the way...its not confirmed yet but as i understood it they had signed an agreement for Bolton to be the venue for 2009,2010 and 2011...they they plan to take it back down south...i read this in the local paper just before the 2009 event.
  • Andy, you are right there, if I don't try I know I will regret it. I have now told so many people that i am considering it I feel I have already entered.

    Now I just need to learn to swim properly. Looking at other threads I found the Swimsmooth website and I realise I have a lot to learn to be able to swim efficiently. The only good thing about my technique as far as I can see is that I don't go backwards.

  • That swimsmooth website is fantastic, between that and going out in the sea 2/3 a week this summer has brought my swimming forward immeasureably - i could bearly swim 100 meters in the in june to last week where i did the olypmic distance open water swim at downey in 30 mins.

    Still a long way to go and a lot of improvement required in the next 12 months tho image

    this thread is slowly taking off with one or two showing interest!
  • swimsmooth is good. last june i did my first tri..400m swim...14 minutes something like that. within a year went to a 2.4 mile IM swim in just over 1.5 hours.

    I've pretty much decided on IMUK for next year...i was considering outlaw and it does look like a great event but not only do i have unfinished business with IMUK its on my doorstep again....and i made it through the bike ride (even though it was slow) so if i can find a bit more legs and a stronger back i'm confident i can get round it quicker next time and finish the whole race.

    who's with me???
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