groin again

I have been running now for 2yrs and seem to have constant groin pain/stiffness. When I run it loosens up but will be stiff next day which doesnt bother me much but lately it has been much more painfull and was a problem the other day as it wouldnt loosen up. Please help


  • I, too, have suffered a groin pain for some time, which developed during my training for this year's London Marathon. Take a look at
    for details on the various types of groin related injuries and how they should be treated. If the pain has been long term then you really should stop. I continued running with the pain for a while until seeking medical help.
    I then had physio treatment for a few weeks but after no improvement was referred to a muscular-skeletal specialist. He suspected a stress fracture and a subsequent bone scan detected a break in my pelvis. I had to stop running in July and the earliest I can expect to return to training is in November.
    All I can say is stop running and seek medical help as soon as possible. If necessary, keep on at your doctor if there's no improvement. I regret not stopping sooner. I've lost a whole season of running as a result.
  • i have had a groin strain for about 2 months, it does not hurt before, during or after running, but gives sudden pain when stretching or twisting the right leg. eg when i twist to get out of bed.
    is the only cure time?
    i suspect the injury was caused by a pull while stretching,
    any advice would be a help???
  • I have had a pain behind the groin for over a year now. After many tests it has been described as a "lower abdominal muscle strain" by a NHS physio. It is too deep to treat but that is alao a difficult area to treat for obvious reasons. I was advised not to run, but also that doing nothing would be just as bad. This was proved by a period of total inactivity prior to my consultation which I thought would help but made the problem fives times worse. Non-impact training, such as cycling or an eliptical trainer, helps. Basically, anything that does not strain the affected area. So yes time is probally the best cure but do not do nothing. Also, be patient; my problem keeps returning despite everything and I have only raced once this year as a result whereas normally I run 20 - 30 races a year.
  • Having read the latest messages on this topic, I should add that my doctor has advised me to continue with non-impact activities so as to maintain my basic fitness.

    My physio realised that, after four weeks of treatment, my injury had not improved, so referred me to the specialist. Whilst I accept that some NHS GPs might not have sufficient knowledge of sports injuries (I was lucky enough not to have to go through the NHS route) I do stress again that people should seek specialist medical advice, even if it means being persistent with your doctor. My groin pain has only ever been mild. If you continue to run on a stress fracture there's a risk of it becoming a complete break!
  • fellow groin sufferer - i rested a groin strain on doctors advice for four weeks, ran a half marathon and had no reaction (though the last mile was interesting after no training). The key for me was a GOOD warm up and stretch. Three days later I ran in and out of work due to the tube strike (about three and a half miles each way)without proper warm ups and here I am again playing R.I.C.E and not running.
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