Help...banged knee!

Slid on a wet bathroom floor on holiday, 10 days ago....landed full on my left knee. Did the usual ice and elevate etc, not much swelling, but very painful if I have any contact with my knee cap! Pain over the middle of the knee cap when I touch it, although can't see any bruising. it possible to damage patella and still be able to fully function, or if I had cracked or chipped it would I be hobbling? I have no pain on walking or running, just the slightest contact is very painful....son brushed against me earlier at swimming pool and I nearly leapt out!

Anyone had anything similar... is it just continue to ice?


  • I had something very similar earlier this year when I fell onto ice and then bounced around for a bit.  I saw a knee specialist, and after a scan he diagnosed bruised bones (the shin bones and thigh bones, can't remember proper names) and an irritated patella ligament. I was in agony for monthts, when I walked it felt like knives shredding my knees. It took three months for the pain it get better but my patella ligament is still a bit tricky, particularly if I do lunges, or that kind of thing. 
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