Fell while runnig

Last night I tripped over on a badly maintained pavement during a run, I've bruised my knee cap and got very painful gravel rash on my arm and hip.

I've done some digging and it seems the road and pavement isn't adopted by the local council - I was going to put a complaint in.

Any ideas how i can take this further, the road is cul-de-sac but has a path through to another road and is heavily used.



  • Where there's a blame there's a claim?

    or just put it down to bad luck/judgement

    I fell over oodles of times as a kid and never claimed a penny
  • Any ideas how i can take this further

    I can think of somewhere where you can shove it.
  • Rob, it could be owned jointly by the homeowners on the cul-de-sac., who will then have reposnsibility for up keep I think.  Perhaps you should contact a Lawyer or Citizens Advice Beareau or even get Dom Littlewood from the ONE show on the case!!

  • Probably best just to get over it before you put the council tax rates up even more.

    Its a bruise and a bit of gravel rash - not life changing is it?

  • Should have gone to specsavers   image
  • Hang on! The OP asked how he can "take this further", not sue someone. "Taking it further" to my mind is "to make someone aware that there's a problem".

    Perhaps some others could stop being such self-righteous tossers.
  • Ooohhhh !!!!
  • Sorry to spoil your fun, but you have to have sustained quite a serious injury that means your life is compromised somehow. So, it would have to keep you off work or you would have costs associated with medical expenses, that sort of thing.  It's a bit of a myth that if you get a bit of a knock due to dodgy pavement you're entitled to a pay-out. Some local councils would make ex gratia payments to stop expensive court actions, but i think this is pretty much stopped now.

    I slipped over on a glass floor under a revolving door a few years ago, took a chip off my pelvis. I didn't take any serious time off work and the injury wasn't going to impact on my quality of life after six weeks or so. Thinking a glass floor under a revolving door was a bit of a major design flaw so I called a solicitor who said I'd have pretty much zip all of a claim.  I've also got a background in law (mainly criminal) so appreciated what she was saying.

    Put some germolene and ice on your knee and chalk it up to experience, sorry

  • Try ambulancechasers.com?

    I've tripped over plenty of times, skinned my knees, hands, elbows.

    Took it like a woman though, and never even THOUGHT about how I could "take it further".

  • You could get some of that crime scene tape and politely mark it out for other runners.
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    Depends what you mean by "take it further"

    if you mean sue someone, or try and weasel some money, then you have zero chance! You'd be laughed out of court. If it's an unadopted road, the council don't have to do jack, and the residents would probably have to pay.

    If your intentions are to get the road sorted so others don't injure themselevs, then you are a jolly nice fellow and should be applauded.

  • I am sure the one time poster who fell over while running and wants to get the pavement mended for other runners would come to a running website rather than phoning up the council (who I suspect actually are responsible for it) 

    Call me a cynic bit unlike Intermanaut I dont think this Samaritan is here to help others
  • I like the crime scene tape scenario best.  But seriously you fell over, watch where you're going next time.
  • Personal responsibilty surely - the only "take it further" you need is to pay attention when you're running or walking and watch out for hazards, that way you can avoid them then image
  • Was the pavement so bad that anyone would have fallen over ? Or just a runner who wasnt particularly looking where he was going ?

     Theres loads of pavements on my runs that have tree roots breaking up the pavement - ok its a hazard, but if you keep an eye out - its no biggie.  I cant see that all pavements need to be immaculate ?

  • I am prepared to run with people and point out trip hazards so that they don't have to pay attention to where they are going.  I will point out uneven surfaces, abrupt changes in level (kerbs, potholes etc), left objects - including sticks, building materials and domestic refuse and any other objects identified as being hazardous during a dynamic risk assessment carried out on the move, including other pavement or path users, and wing mirrors from buses and other large vehicles near the kerb line.

     I do not run with earphones or a mobile phone, so will be on hand to listen to any complaints about unkemp pavements, unruly hedges and overhanging branches.

     I will be sympathetic as I have experience of falling over on a variety of surfaces, have run into a tree and have caught my foot when hurdling railings leading to a chin injury.  Before you think tyhat this disqualifies me from being a lookout, please be advised that I have not suffered a fall or other incident for weeks.

     Please feel free to PM me for an up to date price list for my services and details of a premium rate phone number that you can use to complain about poorly maintained pavements or any other feature of normal life that upsets you.



  • Stig - You ran into a tree??
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Is that why you wear that helmet, like, everywhere you go?
  • Only once, and quite a lot of years ago (obviously I don't count getting slapped by branches and stuff).  The cut on my head wasn't as bad as all the blood suggested. In my defence, it wasn't a very broad tree, and the branch that my head snagged on stopped my face from hitting the trunk, just.

     Catching my toe on the railing hurt alot more, I pivoted around it a bit like the big hand on a watch, and because of a change in ground level, my chin hit the deck in around the 5 0'clock position.  Must have been my wide-armed hurdling technique that stopped me from breaking my fall.

  • Well that's caused a bit of stir hasn't it?

    I do wear glasses and the prescription is up to date before anyone asks!

    I don't run with a phone or MP3 thingy

    Yes it's only a bruise and only some gravel rash (and I will enjoy picking at it before it falls off)

    The reason I didn't see the bloody great hole was because the sun was low in the sky and momentarily blinded me

    No I don't want to sue anyone.

    All I want is someone to fill the bl**dy holes in, so some poor old dear doesn’t do themselves real damage. 

     Fortunately I never run into a tree though! image

  • i ran into a tree once, during "the great gorilla run".  the gorilla mask obstructed my vision.  i took it further, by getting a flight to the Congo, going up the nearest mountain, and shooting one of those banana munching bastards straight in the face with a 12 bore.  no wonder they're fckn endangered.
  • @candy ollier - you are a very, very bad person.
  • I'll  be fell running next week in Keswick.

  • Well I think Rob Wharton sounds like a jolly nice chap and you're all horrid to make assumptions. Ner ner.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Rob Wharton wrote (see)

    Any ideas how i can take this further, the road is cul-de-sac but has a path through to another road and is heavily used.

    To be fair, that does point towards wanting to get a hazard sorted to avoid any further mishaps.

    Kid in my old cycling club had a very nasty accident after riding over a massive pothole many years ago and spent a fair amount of time talking to the council about it.  Don't know if he got any compensation from it but assuming the appropriate authorities were informed and did something about it, it was obviously worth following through.

  • I know that there's a cycling website where riders can report potholes and then they lead on the process of getting them fixed. It's mainly to get councils off their arses but if you google it it may be able to offer some advice on fixing problems on private roads.
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