Conwy Half Marathon

This half marathon is graded as being multi terrain.

 Does anybody know how multi terrain it is? Prefer road running so not sure if it would be suitable if mainly off road.




  • Hi Eadad - I did this last year and am in for this year as well.  Its not what I'd called multi terrain.  Its a road run.  The only "off road" is along the estuary on a path which in certain sections is covered in soft sand - hard work on the way back at 10 - 11 miles in!  Its a great event - lovely scenary, the Great Orme is beautiful with super views over Anglesey and to the Snowdonia mountains.
  • Cheers Tigerlily.

     You just sold this one to me. Im heading over from Manchester for it. Is it pretty easy to park up somewhere? Ive spent a few weekends up there so im expecting a pretty undulating course! 

  • Hi , also did this last year . Really good race but very tough going up Great Orme . Certainly a road race . Had a few problems last year but they have took all feedback on board and it should be even better . No problem with parking , plenty of car parks in area . See you there image 
  • Nice one Kevin.

    The scenery sounds a bit special on this one. Last question: What are the PB chances on this course? Want to know exactly how much emphasis to put on hill work

    Thanks again
  • Wouldn't want to try and run a PB on this course . The climb up the Great Orme is a question of survival . The descent though is fast , if you have anything left in the tank . Saying that my time last year was quite good and on par with other halfs , so you never know . Doing hills on your long runs would definitely be a good idea , but if you're like me , the hills where i live are pretty tame .

    Happy training image 

  • Just entered this race - look forward to seeing you all there!

     Sounds like I need to do some hill training though?  Any advice on this gladly accepted!

  • Hi all

    Another mancunian here sold on the scenery and the great feedback on here.

     My advice dewio is just to get out there and give them a go, I did a 10k this year through the mersey tunnel and it was a killer, but now I love going uphill, though this might be different haha!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks 

  • OMG, I have just entered this! Needed something to spur me on.

    I'm scared of coming last, but then *someone* has to come last don't they? As long as I complete it, I'll be pleased.

  • Hi EllieJ

    Sure you will be fine and remember the vast majority of us do not stand a chance of winning. It is for me about doing as well as I can against the clock, if I finish last then I still will ahve pleased myself.  There is nothing you can do if everyone runs faster.  I am sure you will do well.  Good Luck!!!

  • Really like the sound of this, but running Snowdonia marathon on 30th October so not sure if doing this one is a good idea. Any thoughts?image
  • Would any persons who are registered already for the Conwy Half consider raising some money for the RNLI as the course passes directly pass the lifeboat station?

     It could be as much or as little as you like but it all really helps. You will get a training pack including a running vest and training tshirt if you pledge to raise £50 or more, and it would be great to see some more yellow lifeboat vests on the course.

    If you would be interested please email Charlotte at

    Kindest regards,

    RNLI Events.

  • I have enterd!!

    Should be able to walk by then!!image

  • Only 40 places left .. WOW !  Thats really good going . See you there image
  • This will be my first half marathon - been training really hard for 2 months, was gearing up to do it in 1h 35m but then picked up a calf injury last week, sudden sharp pain felt like i'd been shot in back of leg! Went for a run today and felt ok but now worried about injury returning. Anyone got any tips on avoiding a reoccurence?
  • Afternoon all,

    Following the recommendation and encouragement of a couple of fellow Coasters on Saturday (you know who you are !!) ... and a slow morning in work coupled with easy online entry ... it would now appear I'm now fully signed up to run this chappie.

  • Welcome aboard Bruce, you know you won't regret it image just make sure you get some training in running up and down some kerbs image
  • ---------- ✭✭✭

    I'm in! image

    Did the Great Orme Challenge 15k in Aug, over the Great Orme. It's a big hill!! image But the views really are stunning. Never seen anything like it on a race.

  • I'm in alsoimage
  • I'm in too, and my lovely wife..Doin Snowdonia Marathon this weekend so thinking this will be quite straight forwardimage. looks a great course!

  • Just had a mail saying race is now Full, and entry is closed !!

    ..... if only I'd waited those extra 2 days ... image

  • Nooooo! I've left it to late and missed out! If anybody has a spare place I will gladly take it off your hands for full price.

    Either message me or email
  • Anyone missed out?
    you can still enter by email, but may only get a T-shirt as medals are sold out. To enter email:
    Regards, Chris Yorke, Race Director
  • ---------- ✭✭✭
    Ooooh....thank goodness I got in just in time. I LOVE my medals!!! image
  • EllieJEllieJ ✭✭✭

    After a whole week of no running and feeling lethargic, I've had a good week this week. This morning I ran 8 miles - the furthest I've ever run! Got soaked the first half of the run, then the sun came out.

     Took me an hour and a half, but I was so chuffed.

    Starting to think that maybe I can complete it.

  • For anyone looking for a cheap place to stay

    Travelodge Colwyn Bay has rooms priced £29 on the Saturday and £19 on the Sunday

    The hotel only opens a couple of days before so should be ok

  • Did snowdondia marathon yesterdy what a great race, looking for ward to this nowimage
  • If anybody is interested .....Marathon Eryri 2010 is on S4C at 19.00
  • EllieJEllieJ ✭✭✭
    Oh thanks for that - will tune in.
  •  I also need a place,anyone pulling out please contact me by email or on this site.full refund will be paid.

    Thanks .image.

  • Although I am injured runner I am still running this event for Rett UK. So If anyone see's me struggling please spur me on. I don't normally do charity events but I cannot let people down or my Club. I haven't run for 2 weeks and I'm slowly getting better have a great physio man who is gettng me ready. I think I will be the one who is last but I'm not looking for a PB for this event I just want to complete even if I have to walk/run. It's the taking part that counts!

    So Guys and Gals look out for the RETT runner!


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