Topping up energy during runs

I'm training for a half marathon at the beginning of october and so far have just been running drinking water as i go but i've noticed that when running my long runs of about 11 miles shortly after i'm getting really bad headaches. I thought this could be down to perhaps that i'm letting my sugar levels get too low or something but i'm not sure. Has anyone else experienced this? or have any advice about how i should be supplementing my running with gels or something on long runs as i'm not sure when i should be starting to use these type of products in my training.


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  • how long are you running for?  Headaches is normally a symptom of dehydration (or ipod too loud)!
  • Going on for two hours. I never have music on too loud so i can hear traffic and things.

  • PSC, I get headaches after my LSRs too, but my wee colour (sorry) indicates I'm not dehydrated. I think it might just be the shock of getting out of my pit on a Saturday and exercising, for two hours! Saturday mornings are for lieing in until lunchtime.
  • Anna - check you haven't tied your hair up too tight. It's a good idea to practice race day nutrition in advance, so no harm in trying a few things in training to see what works or doesn't. I used to take two gels (5 miles and 9 miles) in a half marathon. These days I eat jelly babies instead - racing and in training, approx 2 jelly babies per mile but usually in big greedy handfuls around 3,6 and 9 miles.

     You might also be too tense - try to relax your arms and hands, also shoulders, neck and face muscles during the run.

    Good luck with your half marathon.

  • I enjoy running per se but if I've gone for 10+ miles without eating anything, I'm hit with a wave of depression. An energy gel every 45 mins seems to stave this off.
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