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  • Should be a special page for the JW's of the world to go and slowly die of being boring middle class farts
  • NLR if you would like a proper discussion about homelessness, charity fundraising and any relationship between the two then I am happy to have a discussion offline about it. Just message me through the forum. Homelessness is rarely, if ever, a lifestyle choice. Yes, many homeless people do appear to be drink and drug ab/users but there are many reasons for that.
  • JWrun wrote (see)

    Dear colleague, you are 31 years of age would you STOP speaking in that hideous baby voice? You only put it on when you want something (usually food) and it is intensely annoying, instead of trying to be cute all the time why don't you learn to do your job properly then people might not bitch about you so much.

    Your mood swings are also INSANE and you are possibly the most unprofessional person I have ever met.


    That made me laugh my head off!
  • How funny Rodent!! I would also pay to watch the Popemobile hover!!!!!!! Is it especially mean to hope the car tyre bursts after bouncing out a pot hole at the end?? Mwah ha ha ha ha.

    NLR, the running stuff is always debatable, but thinking homelessness is a lifestyle choice is totally fecking bonkers, and smacks of just trying to provoke an argument. If you worked with or had anything at all to do with people who may live on the fringes of society for one reason or another, you might not be so disparaging. Yeah, some people do make mistakes, and do things they shouldn't (lets face it, who doesn't at some point in their life?), but getting to that stage is not desirable, and if it is, then what kind of hell must one be running from to choose to be homeless?
  • Diversity in the workplace  was invented by workshy social workers as an excuse to get out of doing any proper or worthwhile work

    The probation service doesn't work and they should be forced to move next door to  all the little shi** that they look after.

  • NLR -Homeless as a lifestyle choice!? You ever been there? I like ANTB have worked with the homeless and been so myself. Then you go on about boring middle class farts! OK , they get on my tits too. But the homeless    comment? -well ,  how boring, middle class (of Daily Mail variety ) and fartish is that?

  • Dear people who think designing jeans with a 32 leg as standard is a good idea

     its not

     Ive got a 30 inside leg at best.

     I know I should be tall and skinny but Im not Im short and skinny so when you put jeans in your shops with a 30 or even a 29 leg they start at a 36 waist

     it aint funny.

  • Try M&S, Goldbeetle

    I do wish I'd popped back in here before responding to NLR on the Reading Groups  thread. If I had, I would have saved my breath. Silly people like him are really not worth expending  pecious (sic) time over.

  • Yes, much better not to respond
  • I've got two firsts - and I spent loads of time in the pub... revising? pah... revising's for numb nuts

    (Last marathon I did took me the best part of four hours though... perhaps I should have trained less?)
  • Dear charity bag collector

    No - I do not want your charity bag, nor do I want the other four that I've had through my door this week.  Don't tell me that you'll collect the empty ones, I've watched the vans drive up and down the road, only stopping for full bags.

    I've also worked for charities and putting bags through my door only guarantees that I won't donate to your shops,

    I use the empty bags instead to collect cat poo from my front lawn as I don't want that either.

    Heavens knows why the supermarkets are trying so hard to cut the use of plastic bags when the charity sector is doing its best to increase it.

  • Dear relative

    I know you aren't going to offer to help with the cost of me getting to my interview next week and even if you do you will ask that I pay you back completely ignoring the fact that you owe me the cost of the fare to London times 10 for trains and times 20 for the coach.  All from the time you stayed in the spare room and didn't pay towards the running of the house even when you were earning £100 a week more than me and the rest of the time we were earning the same.  Except whilst I was paying things like TV licence and telephone line and you were paying - oh  let me think nothing and of course there is that food you helped yourself to when you had spent all of your money on over priced junk from the spar rather than walk 10 mins into town.

    Aren't you worried that one day people are going to wake up and realise that most of what goes wrong in your life is your own doing - I know mine is, thing is I except that and deal with the consequences rather than blame anyone but myself and get the world and its uncle to bail me out  

  • Dear mad deluded journalist - I didn't respond to your stupid query this time because it was probably the 10th time you've made similar time consuming requests from me this year. Usually, I would help but all I get is hassle and nothing else. Also, get email, seriously, it will help
  • Thnk I will be sadly missed on here todayimage
  • Maddy, maybe you SHOULD say it to the relative!

  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭
    North London Runner wrote (see)
    Should be a special page for the JW's of the world to go and slowly die of being boring middle class farts

    If you like you goon

  • Dear running acquaintance in the teaching profession.
    Please don't bleat at me about how tough its been going back to 'work' when all summer I've had to put up with how you've run most mornings for an hour , an hour and a half, then had an hours core work in the afternoon at the gym. Oh and doesn't the garden look good, so nice to be able to get stuff done during the day. Yeah I appreciate its tiring, is that why you have a little nap while countdown is on?
    And don't start to complain about the pay now that your back, even more so when you've reminded me for the umpteenth time about your upcoming races several of which involve a 400 mile round trip and hotel stayover...

    that feels better..
  • Dear Driver of the little blue hatchback car behind me at 9.00 a.m  today

    You made a point of flashing every oncoming motorist to alert them to the police speed camera van parked ahead of them in the 30 mph zone

    Why do you think it's ok for drivers to speed through our village especially at this time of the morning when kids are walking to the infants, junior and senior schools.  So you warn them today and they drive through nice and slow and avoid the three points.  Tomorrow they'll be speeding again.  How does that TV advert go about a child's chances of survival after being hit by a car at 30mph and being hit by one at 40mph.

    Actually I think I'll start flashing my lights at random cars every morning just to make them slow down in anticipation of a non existant speed van. 

  • Wilkie if I say it he will widthdraw time with my niece - its not OK if his ex uses her but its fine for him.
  • Dear Runners World thank you

    Thank you for allowing a forum that is so diverse

    Bigots,idiots,mad people, the terminally intolerant, bad spellers, the grammatically challenged, pedants,Daily Mail readers,D2D, Hoose, Coops, closet racists, closet liberals, homophobes,  Kef jon,lunatic ladies from Bromley,people who are fast and hate slow runners because they are slow, slow runners who hate fast runners ...just because,North Korean spammers selling fake trainers,people who moan about never winning competitions,people who think race for life is the be all end all of running, people who hate race for life for "ripping the soul out of competive running",people who lurk on a thread thats about sports bras just in case someone says boobs,people who ask for advice constantly and then ignore the good advice given,people who give advice thats so "ill advised its dangerous",people who give advice freely and willing becuase they want to see people right,people who just hate,people who are genuinely really nice in real life but come over as grumpy bleeders on here,

    people who like to talk about running

    I like this forum



  • just realised I have nothing to say that I haven't already said.  Maybe why someone I know said I have as much tact as a bag of cement.


  • Goldbeetle, that gets my vote for 'post of the year'!! image
  • Yeah i'm loving that one Goldbeetle!

    Today's rant:

    Dear know-it all,

    you don't, in fact, know it all, and if Wikipedia didn't exist you'd be totally and utterly fucked in the knowledge department. Oh, and everyone else knows this. You ain't fooling anyone. All I hear when you talk now is "blah blah blah blah blah".

  • I like Goldbeetles post too! Just watched George Osbourne saying that he is going to cut benefits from people who have chosen living on benefits as a lifestyle choice. Maybe we should ignore him or say he is a troll and be totally smug. But the people of Britain voted him in. Well it wasn't me. Who was it? Do tory and lib dem voters not run or write on these forums? When the benefits of the homeless are taken away who will admit their responsibility?. Easy to be right on in here isn't it?
  • Hope wrote (see)
    Goldbeetle, that gets my vote for 'post of the year'!! image

    Mine too... image  Funniest post in ages...

    Dear bloke in the X4 Beamer... you looked perfectly fit enough when you sprinted across the road with your kit bag, so stop being such an ignorant twat and park somewhere other than the disabled bays...

  • JWrunJWrun ✭✭✭
    HAHAHAHA!! I'd love to know what benefits the homeless get?! Chosing to mooch off the state and living in a doorway is slightly different n'est pas? I know i shouldn't respond but f*ck it! Also I voted them in and i'm not ashamed to say it. Labour did f*ck all for this country and that is an opinion I am entitled to since i voted - you may or may not agree, i'm not particularly bothered.......Oh think I just said what I thought I couldn't - turning the thread on its head! Balls to being PC - excuse the pun!
  • How many liberal party voters are pissed off now they realise that the leader of their party was in fact a closet Tory and his liberal values count for fuck all now hes in power   image

  • Me Slowfoot!!! Labour cocked up, but Lib Dems are even worse now, and i'll NEVER vote for them again.

    NLR, I have to say, even though I was pissed off at the Lib Dems, I think that people that use welfare as a lifestyle should be kicked off benefits quick-smart, and they should get a fecking job. This DOES NOT include those who are actually disabled etc etc etc, and who cannot legitimately work, or those actively looking for work. Too many folk just think 'fuck it, i'll live off benefits and do feck all else'. This however, does not apply to homeless people, obviously. If they had money they wouldn't be homeless (more than likely).
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