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  • Got to admit I was undecided at this glad that I didn't vote Lib dems.............I wouldn't consider it again..........

    Yes......... .too many people on disability as a lifestyle choice.......................doctors in this area 20 odd years ago signed many men onto long term sick benefit to give  the men some money and some self esteem................because they were made unemployed in their thousands and there were no jobs for them..... and probably because it was easier for the doctors...20 years later and there are still no jobs in the of the highest unemployment levels in men in the country...and no they can't move to find work as the house prices are the lowest in the country...........and the school results are one of the lowest in the country..........image

    not sure if doctors are just doing the same nowadays

    and no homeless are not in the same catergory and neither are those with a disability........

    so I want to say a big thank you to Margaret Thatcher for ripping the heart out of a those who are well educated move away to a better area with good jobs.leaving the rest to sink into a lower and lower we have whole generations who will never work........when 40 years ago there were virtually no men of working age not working..............

  • North London Runner wrote (see)
    I like Goldbeetles post too! Just watched George Osbourne saying that he is going to cut benefits from people who have chosen living on benefits as a lifestyle choice. Maybe we should ignore him or say he is a troll and be totally smug. But the people of Britain voted him in. Well it wasn't me. Who was it? Do tory and lib dem voters not run or write on these forums? When the benefits of the homeless are taken away who will admit their responsibility?. Easy to be right on in here isn't it?
    Not all homeless people receive benefits and not all people on benefits are homeless. What are you on about?
  • On about smug gits who go on about welfare but don't want to pay for it. If the cap fits Womble....

  • North London Runner wrote (see)

    On about smug gits who go on about welfare but don't want to pay for it. If the cap fits Womble....

    Eh?  That doesn't even make sense.  "Smug gits who go on about welfare but don't want to pay for it" means what???  Who are the smug ones?  Folk like me that don't want to pay for folk to illegitimately sponge of the state?  That's annoyance, and frustration, and not smugness.  Or do you mean those taking the welfare and sitting on their perfectly-abled, non-job-seeking arses?  Well they don't pay for anything, which is the whole point, so you couldn't possibly be talking about them.  You need to work out what the hell you're actually talking about.
  • Mmmmmmm yummy troll food - but then i'm just a middle class something-or-other so what would I know??? I do know that I agree with the Pea and you are talking bollox NLR. image

    Bl**dy loving this thread though!!

    Todays rant - what the HELL are you on about you tool of the highest order, you feck me about constantly and then expect sympathy? I think not my friend you have crossed the line one to many times, it truely is game over for you sweetcheeks! Instead of saying this to you however I will ignore your txts and emails and phone calls - just easier and you ain't stupid so you'll get the hint soon enough!

  • How dare you call me lazy and unhelpful, you hyper-mad posh bitch? 

    You've taken advantage of this 'relationship' to insult me and it really is extremely unprofessional. I've been doing this job for a decade and worked wtih people who were better than you by miles, but because I do not jump when you call or make your requests my first priority, I am lazy and unhelpful. When I explain why you are not my number one priority, you bombard me with calls, seriously two in an hour, five since lunchtime yesterday is extreme.

    Print what you like, I am why past caring now.

  • Brain the size of a planet and they want him to be helpful and industrious

  • I thought AllNewTB is a girl?

  • Me too Nam image 

    Printers: why don't you ever work for more than about 1 hr at a time?  image

  • Guess who this is? image

  • Nam wrote (see)

    I thought AllNewTB is a girl?

    and you've always had SUCH a good track record with those calls...
  • Yeah, I'm a girl. Nam and Lea are right
  • Marvin the paranoid android is a robot with male characteristics. What should I call her if I don't know her sex-it?. Stick your nerdy internet language up your arse leanne. And save your smug cartoons for people who can be bothered to read them. Why not just go and sit with your PLU's and bore each other to death. Bet you never had an original thought in your life. Pseudo intelligence is so boring

  • It's well fighty in here today. Is someone handing out Stella?

  • Lets give NLR a group HUG   image
  • Or a pile on ...

  • Sorry been drinking champagne this afternoon. It has that effect on me. Am a whisker away from giving Lea the Pea a Hannibal Lectur style analysis! Phurr furr furr phurr
  • NLR

     YOU ARE LOVED   image

  • North London Runner wrote (see)
    Sorry been drinking champagne this afternoon. It has that effect on me. Am a whisker away from giving Lea the Pea a Hannibal Lectur style analysis! Phurr furr furr phurr
    Champagne socialist?  image
  • Champagne Nihilist actually
  • Eh, yeah name is spelled LEE remember, not LEA and certainly not LEANNE.

    *points at name clearly written above*

    As for 'people who are bothered to read them' clearly YOU did, otherwise you had no reason to come up with the phrase 'nerdy internet language'. image

    You must try harder.....

    Funny that you assumed the cartoons were for you, NLR.... hahahaha
  • LOL I was just about to say who the fuck is Leanne??!! image

  • Gertie... you know my track record is 100% cos we all know you're a big girl!  image
  • To the bloke in front of me at Sainsburys tonight: Here's how supermarkets work. You push your trolley round the shelves. You finish selecting your goods. You queue up. You pay for your goods, pack them into bags then leave.

    You do not leave half a trolley of goods on the conveyer belt while you finish the rest of your shopping. You do not then send your dotty mother to get more food. You do not then remember your juice and dash to collect it. Or go to the fresh fish counter, queue, order and collect your fish then return to the checkout. Then send your mother to buy toothpaste. And ryvitas.

    If you're in front of me again, I will not just tut loudly and roll my eyes at the checkout girl. I will shove my cucumber up your arse, and my onions in your open mouth.

    The key phrase in this is in bold.

    Just saying.

  • Only one way to settle this Lee....................FIGHT!!!!
  • Take it easy Fat Foot

  • Lol Flat Footed!!! I'm a lover not a fighter image
  • Blessed are the piss takers

  • You must be well blessed then NLR image
  • thats quite funny for you
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