Things you want to say but can't



  • oop - thats quite a good one! image
  • Hehehe, I do my best!  I've just been told i'm one of the dirtiest folk in the office - i'm quite proud *wipes away a tear*

    Unless the guy meant I need a wash? *sniffs* image  Don't think so....

  • JWrun wrote (see)
    oop - thats quite a good one! image
    eh?  Did someone I have on ignore just post?!? hehehe
  • No - i was refering to my totp! image
  • Ah, well it wasn't TOTP for me, so obviously D2D has been posting image
  • Dear group chair. I'm sick of your game playing and point scoring. It's supposed to be a friendly group for people who share the same hobby, not a personal grudge busting machine. You know the old saying "If you can't say something nice, say nothing?", you'd do well to remember it. Frankly, I'm not surprised you've been asked to leave other groups.

  • image You're not in a group with my Dad's wife are you?! image  (I don't like calling her my step-mother!)
  • Never heard of that old sayingimage Do you not get on with your Mummy Leanne?
  • George Michael has been sent down.

    Except I did say it and my entire body blushed. Way to impress the new colleague image

  • Does she quilt? image

    This woman is poison. I normally go to group with one friend (P) who visited a show without me at the weekend. Chair asked where I was...with another friend (J) at another show...P was then told "you need to be careful of J" .

    WTF is that supposed to mean?

    I found out among the groups she's been asked to leave is one she founded! Can't be just me that thinks she's odd!

  • No, it's not funny to ring me up and address me as a department not a person.

    I happen to get on with the bloke who was sacked yesterday when I was on holiday, and now I've got to pick up the pieces.  So yes, it'd be fair to say I'm struggling to do the work of 4 people and I don't find your calls amusing.

    I didn't have that much respect for you anyway, but I have even less now. 
  • Is this what they call neurotic? George M and his partner said a very suggestive hello to me when out running one day!!
  • LNR

    Sometimes the less said the better    image

  • My initials playing leapfrog there fat foot?

  • No  I didnt bother reading it properly

     a lot like your threads

  • What I wonder about "trolls"  or whatever you want to call them is what kind of dumbass lives they lead in order to get their kicks trying to wind people up on a virtual forum?? I really don't get it.

  • Looks like I picked a good day to join...
  • I like my Mummy a lot NLR, unfortunately though she's dead. Step-mother, if you want to call her that, I'm not so keen on, hence the reason I call her my Dad's wife! image

    Kwilter, she doesn't quilt, so you're probably safe on that front at least image

    Welcome Fergal!!! Hehehe, don't worry, we're not all freaks on here. Just NLR image Hehehehehe
  • You call people "trolls" JW. People like you have already used nasty terms to describe people. You're just a generation away from racist white trash.

  • Trolism? That's a new one.  Looks like they have feelings too after all.

    Wahoo good on you Kwilter, tell her! 

  • Thank you for that oh bearded Hashette. I guess I'm like a cult. Of course any cult can only be liked by cool people. I guess you and JW and Leanne are more U2 than MC5image
  • Cult?  Think you've made another spelling mistake there NLR
  • North London Runner wrote (see)
     I guess I'm like a cult.

    I think that is what they said about you.

  • North London Runner wrote (see)

    You call people "trolls" JW. People like you have already used nasty terms to describe people. You're just a generation away from racist white trash.

    Honestly NLR, if you're going to try and be a better troll, at least try to come to conclusions that make sense.  Do you mean that if JW had children, they'd be racist white trash, since, technically, I guess they'd be a generation away?  I'm guessing not.  I'm only giving you 3/10 - must try harder.

    Homework for tomorrow:  look up the meaning of 'racist white trash' and report in to me.  You might be surprised to find that your appraisal of JWs posts is total bollocks, and she's not racist white trash at all image 

  • It's time for the ignore button to come back into use...
  • Im just wondering why someone like NLR would want to come on a forum with the aim of trying to be offensive to people he doesnt even know.   What a twat.

  • Tickled Pink wrote (see)
    Cult?  Think you've made another spelling mistake there NLR
    lol image
  • North London Runner wrote (see)

    You call people "trolls" JW. People like you have already used nasty terms to describe people. You're just a generation away from racist white trash.

    What does that even mean???? You make no sense...... Its stuff like this that will get you nowhere moonbeam, you have much to learn!

    Exactly Barley - I just don't get it! LOL at TP as well!!

    Love this thread!

  • I will help out today and for the next two wednesday.....................and i will hold my tongue.............I will try to find the good in you despite the fact that everytime you open your mouth I cringe inside ....................I will continue to be pleasant and ask about your grandchildren beacuse even you find it hard to be too nasty when you talk about them............................

    and hopefully we will not have  a repeat of 4 years ago when i actually had enough and actually told you to shut up and go away from me.................

    because I try to find the good in everyone honest............but you are one of the few in my life that have made me actually fail..........image


  • Barlist- I looked up twat in my pictoral dictionary and your silly yellow shirted pic came up! Like the Spanish (thhhorisso lol) I have to explain things very slowly to you all. If I only had time to educate you lot but then you wouldnt be so funny. Ignore away Tabitha. Go label some more people JW like your parents used to.
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