Things you want to say but can't



  • I'm just nawty I guess
    glad you are feeling better though I fail to see what you could possibly be feeling guilty about. You didn't do anything wrong! (unless the ex is sleeping under the patio in which case you should know patios are so last season!)
    Hang in there
  • Hope you got some kip in the end SOLB and weren't nawty all night.

    +1 to what others have said about it being fine to rant and this being the place to let off steam. The Superwoman outfit has to be taken off and stuffed under a cushion sometimes or we'd go mad(der).

    Brilliant news on the car Frodo.

    Same old same old here. Nothing at all on Blouse's job horizon, his contract looking likely to end before Christmas or early Jan and the future's pretty scary. All the Christmas adverts seem so out of place, they're reminders of how close it all is. I know it's not just us, and we're lucky that at least one of us has a full time job, but he's so down and depressed. I can't help him other than by carrying on and doing my best to hold down the job I've got, but it's not easy. Please can we have some good news, and soon? Or just something positive to hope for?
  • AllNew wrote (see)
    'How to Be a Women' is proper laugh-out-loud funny. It also made me spend a good few weeks saying 'down with the patrimony'. My Mother was bought it for her birthday. Although I am pleased she's re-embracing her inner strident feminist, I'm not sure she needs to read so many intimate details of Catilin's early life. XFR - Caitlin's 'Celeb Watch' column in the Times on a Friday is worth the price of the online subscription by itself.
    Since reading it I now find myself thinking "Are the boys doing it?" image
  • Things will get better Hash. Wish I could help x
  • Big aaaawwww for Mr CD. image

  • (((Hashie & Blouse)))  I hope 2012 will be your year. image

    If you ever fancy a cheap weekend in Wales you're both always most welcome here. xxx

  • You are my husband's cousin's boyfriend. We are not 'family'.
  • My virtual friends are much better friends than you are.  Thanks for letting me down once again.
  • Dear Self

    When you went to the supermarket to get snacks for worktime refuelling during Ironman training I did not really expect you to come back with:

    2 packs of chocholate fingers
    3 packs of kitkats
    20 Chocholate digestive bars
    1 pack of chunky kitkats
    1 pack of toffee crisps
    3 chocholate oranges
    24 packets of assorted crisps

    Take them all back and exchange them for something healthy or pasta-based.

  • You're right Podro.  Those are awful foods to train for an Ironman on.  Aren't you supposed to eat a bit more than normal, rather than less?
  • Mmmmmm choccy fingers (half price in Morrisons just now, which is ideal for The Boy's pending 18th party)

    Kit Kats however - wrong on every level.

  • AllNew wrote (see)
    You are my husband's cousin's boyfriend. We are not 'family'.

    One of my parent's friends was saying bye to me and my boyf as we were leavign something, said to my boyf, oh, i'll give you a kiss goodbye as you're practically family now.  Was a bit random!

  • image Podro, I'll take the 3 Chocolate Oranges off your hands image
  • I've already eaten a whole packet of chocholate fingers image.
  • So... we're going to have this massive "Health Symposium" for hundreds of people in January, led by "the strategy team"...

    Has no one spotted the small flaw...??  The "strategy team" no longer exists because you gave 5 of them voluntary severance.  The 2 left will stick two fingers up to your grand plans, and I'm one of them.  image

  • Angel - I've never even met this chap, although they live in the next town to us. They're always dropping hints about coming over dinner, but as the cousin's interests seem to be World of Warcraft and Everyone Loves Raymond, I don't think we'll have much in common. Also, the cousin is in her mid 20s and has never been in paid employment...

    She's the one who took 52 minutes to do race for life in the summer and hounded me for sponsorship.
  • AllNew wrote (see)
    She's the one who took 52 minutes to do race for life in the summer and hounded me for sponsorship.

    Well at least she's keeping it in the family AllNew.


  • CD: Ok, so I'm slow but I'm not that slow. Not even on a bad day.

    You must be feeling better?

  • Allnew - that is def worse then, at least the friends are very close friends of my parents so they consider themselves family.
  • I've just been caught by Jehovah Witnesses.  I really wanted to tell them to go away, but they were such lovely people and didn't try to force God onto me so I didn't have the heart.  Luckily they took themselves away after only a couple of minutes.
  • Nooo, I meant the sponsorship thing AllNew!  I am puzzled as to how it could take nealry an hour to walk a 5K though. 
  • I tend to class pizza as more than one of my 5 a day, but that is becasue I add so much pepper, mushroom, tomatoes etc and those all count.  But I would never say that pizza itself was a vegetable as some only have cheese and meat on them.
  • After some debate, Congress voted that anything containing two tablespoons of  tomato sauce can be labelled a vegetable.

    loving the logic............... image

  • So that includes lasagne, chilli and some curries then.
  • Nam - that sounds like the ideal excuse for takeaway pizza tonight, especially if i have pineapple on it... image
  • Amazing what a bit of lobbying by any industry can achieve in America...

    Tobacco smoke will soon be re-classified as an airfreshner... image

  • Dear other department, 

    Thanks for your long list of "mistakes" that needed to be corrected. 

    It was very satisfying going through point by point and finding out  that  just a few were "tech" issues that needed a quick tweak, most had nothing to do with me and in fact several were actually your fault.

    Apart from the fact that I just had to waste half an hour of my precious time I really did enjoy pinging that one back to you.

    Have a nice day now image

  • I'm nearly 50 and I pass the pencil test image

    But that's only because I have very little in the way of boobage image

  • I pass the pencil test .... but then I might have had a little surgical assistance
    Dear SOLB, You lazy lazy toad GET OUT OF THE CAR NOW!
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