Treating blisters

Can anyone offer some advice on how to treat blisters and the best way to carry on running with them.
I recently had orthotic footbeds made which help my shin splints. They have, however, moved my foot position so that the upper outside edge of my heel rubs on my shoe's padding. I'm hoping that, with use, the shoe will break in and stop rubbing. The problem is that the blister it caused is quite nasty but I can't afford to stop running while it heals.
Any ideas on accelerating healing, protecting while running, etc?


  • Compeed blister plasters are brilliant. They weld themselves onto the skin, and fall off after a few days, having healed the blister below. In the meantime, they are padded enough to take the pressure off the sore bits.

    After you get rid of the ones you have at the moment, a liberal slathering of Vaseline stops most blisters (although it does make a mess of your socks).
  • Anything that involves slathering has got to be good! Thanks
  • Skwerl,

    I've got exactly the same problem with orthotics and I've been using Compeeds as suggested by Nessie. I would suggest however to be careful even with these, as I've been running and found the blister has crept underneath the plaster (or maybe was a new one further along my foot and joined up who knows).

    The thing about orthotics that I've found is that they take ages for your feet to get to grips with them so if you've got an imminent race it could be a problem. I've been considering withdrawing from my race because of this reason.

    Don't know if this is any help. Best of luck
  • I was thinking the same thing. I may try training with the orthotics but then when I start tapering down 2 weeks before the race (NY on Nov 3rd), switch to my original inserts. Although they give me shin splints I'm only affected after running so could probably run the marathon without problems.
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