The most stupidest injury

On Saturday I sat on the toilet and felt a sharp pain in the side of my leg. Within a couple of hours I couldn't walk on the leg. Today I have had it diagnosed as an inflamed bursa .

So...I managed 9 months of IM training injury free and now I can't walk because I sat on the loo!!!

Anyone else injure themselves in a stupid way?


  • I know someone who broke their thumb shutting a lift door.

    I have an unexplained burn on my left elbow, which has been very blistered but I can't remember doing, I think Dave tortures me in my sleep, it's the only possible explanation.

  • Couldn't the bursitis be a build up from repetitive use ie being on the bike and not just because you sat on the toilet?

    FWIW my most stupidest injury was breaking my left wrist. I slipped on a step and didn't want to drop the glass of wine I was carrying in my right hand so put my left hand down....  Was of course worried about landing on smashed glass as well.
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    I did my back in picking up a rubber glove once - and, more recently, when I sneezed image
  • Wrecked my back putting a wardrobe together
  • Broke my thumb swimming......and, no, I didn't hit it on the side!
  • Slugsta - I pulled my intercostals sneezing once. Signed off work for a few days and lots of very good painkillers, result!

    My list of daft injuries is long and embarressing. I'm 37 and there are only two years in my entire life when I haven't presented myself at A&E with something broken, bashed, torn or bleeding;

    - damaged knee ligaments by dancing on a table in heels

    - sprained ankle falling off a kerb, crutches for four weeks

    - burnt all fingers on right hand by pouring gravy over them

    and the best one is entirely my Mother's fault - admitted to hospital as a toddler with suspected meninghitus (excuse spelling ) to discover I had heat rash.

  • tore my back muscles picking up a tin of biscuits - off work for 3 days in agony.

  • that must have been one mahooosive tin of bikkies FB!
  • Hmmm I suppose I should add concussion caused by a dead squirrel too.....although I'm not sure if it was dead when it hit me or died as a result of hitting me.....
  • trouble is Nick it wasn't! it was very light

    I suspect it was where it was that caused the problem as I had to reach under a shelf to get it - as soon as I picked it up I couldn't move as my back locked out completely.

    happened during a summer job when I was working for a catering wholesalers packing crates for hotel deliveries
  • Rolled over in bed and pulled my groin - didn't run for a while after - bloody hurt

    Bending over to put key in front door pulled my back - was in agony for a few days with that too

  • Oh Gawd, Purple.  Hope it calms down very quickly. Better now than a few weeks ago...
  • too many to mention them all, I'm accident prone - but here's a sample:  fell off a pogo stick and slammed onto the pavement, broke my nose. Slipped on wet grass and landed with my lower leg folded back underneath me - torn quad muscle. Leaned on my moped and severely burned my leg on the hot exhaust. Put left foot into my bike cleat, pushed off too lightly, missed with the other foot and toppled over to the left, left foot still in cleat - broken bone in my foot and a torn tendon!.
  • Fielding at third man having just bowled my over, batsman on adjacent pitch hits a six and knocks me out, two days in hospital
  • As those who know me well know I’ve had a few daft injuries trying to think of the daftest? Working on a farm, I had to remove a ram for a sheep pen because one of the eves was giving birth unexpectedly; he was distressed and could have hurt the lambs or something. Closed all the other doors in the barn except the exit wanted the ram, opened the pen door ram started to run out and some idiot opened a door they shouldn’t have because they shouldn’t have been there. Your quick thinking hero grabbed the ram by the horns to stop it running over the 10 year old standing in a now open door way. Ram stopped and so did I, unfortunately the momentum carried both off us into a supporting steel girder for the roof splitting my skull open. Hence the big scar about my right eye. It bled a lot but no-one else was injured including the ram and only had to have 4 stitches. image
  • I borrowed a top mountain bike off a friend to go to a local pub beer garden as I was late to meet up with friends , it's a massive pub ( the manor farm in rainhill) and it was a BBQ fun day , there were probably 250 people there and then a group of real mountain bikers rode in , they all came over and started asking me questions about my bike and about the coarses I've done downhill racing on ???? Having had a good few beers it was easy for me to go along with it !!!! When leaving the pub , infront of everybody , my girlfriend at the time , who was also on a mtb , rode off first , approx 10 metres away from all the crowds there was the smallest step in the grass you have ever seen ( approx raised 1" or 25mm !!!) anyway she stopped and pulled the front wheel up it and got back on her bike ........ I instantly burst out laughing , told her she was stupid and could have easily just rode over it as it was the size of a small stone !!! As I continued laughing riding past her , I leaned back slightly and once front wheel over then leaned forward to hop the back wheel up ...... It was my first experience of rear suspension ........the back of the bike sprung up instantly and , in full view of everybody ( including the mountain bike team ! ) I was flung straight over the handle bars with the bike hitting me on the way down !!! I couldn't move !!! I broke 2 ribs and fractured my right foot in 4 places !!! Waiting for the ambulance was the worst 20 mins ever , just wanted the ground to swallow me up !! I've never heard so many people laughing in my life !! The funny thing is though , the step in the grass was literally the thickness of the sole of my trainer ....... 5 weeks off work unpaid ........ Expensive few pints that was !!!
  • Oh dear Purple.  But at least you've got a diagnosis now.  Get well soon. 
  • Stood on the terrace at the old Boothen End at Stoke (not even watching my own team). Hard to see, so spent the whole 90 mins with toes on one step, and arches on edge of next step.

    Don't know what I did, but absolute agony under arches next day. Couldn't run for several weeks.
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