Competition time, time to lose



  • I notice that some of you are actually reading the competition...........that must be how you win.............I think the idea is you just tick the second box and then press enterimage
  • Beer?  There's going to be a beer competition image
  • Thats another competition I don't want to win.

    Why did I say that I'm never going to win

    THANFULLY  image

  • Gaaaah RSOD!!  I tried to enter the Nike one that flashes across the top of the page... Only cos I was intrigued to know what it was like to have a Nike shop assistant NOT totally ignore you like they do in Nike Town or whatever that god-awful place is called on Oxford Street... Of course, I'll never get to find out... image
  • That Nike competition made me laugh t'other week. There were 35 places but only 15 people won shoes so you could still lose at winning image
  • Oooohhh, I can't bear the tension.  What pile of junk will we be able to lose today?

  • <cattle prods LN out of the thread> image
  • Well I took a stab in the dark today at the answer... How many laps can the Timex 150lap watch record??  Good job I won't be winning one of those, it would only go to waste on me...

  • shit that was a hard question I hope i got it right image 
  • But the middle answer is...

    oh, I'm definitely not going to win today

  • Just a heads up - it's not the middle answer. - They've caught on.
  • Phew that was a tricky question today..



  • I've invited all the RW competition winners over for a party Fri night. image image
  • I'm such a loser I forgot to enter yesterday's competition image
  • BM

    Caz already has you in her sights so make sure you bring your helmet if you want to keep your good looks image


    I've got things covered Slowfoot. image

  • I Like ALOT 


    Once we get a new committe I think we should vote that they become standard issue on all loser threads in the future

  • *reinstates plan A*

  • V water FFS???  Is there no end of carp for RW to dig out of the "stuff that no-one wants" box under the editor's desk?


    At least Pink would find the Sweaty Betty vouchers useful... well, she would if I was going to win them.

  • Whaaat .........water

    I'll be sticking to tap water me thinks image

    oh and I think my new toy might put a end to a few winnersimage

  • Back to the middle answer again duh. Is there no end to RW ingenuity?

    I quite like V water. image

    LOL @ caz & Slowfoot, but as I never looked good I have nothing to loose and Edam looks good with holes, as does aero.

  • carefull bikermouse

    or your get it too

  • the pen (quill) is mightier than the sword eh?

    oh and my names not Bill. image

  • Teeheehee love the penguin with attitude Tomster.

    I'm not feeling the greatness of these prizes we're losing this month... Good job we're not winning any of them then eh??

  • The prize is crap but losing is forever

    Winning is not an option

  • V Water?????????????



    and old shoe box?

  • Sorry about the killings of winners.....I was in a bad mood today at work.......

    I just know if am to win anything it will be the bloody waterimage

  • I survivedimageimage
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