Competition time, time to lose



  • Dear RW,

    I don't want to win any 'food'.  I eat normal food like normal people.

    thank you

  • Slightly better than water I suppose image

    Anywaqy I wont be winning it so what do I careimage

  • Ooooh I like SIS stuff... good job the Tesco by me stocks quite a good selection.
  • I like SIS stuff too.. good job my cupboards are already full of it, I wont be winning this either...
  • <machine guns B and kicks her lifeless body out of the thread>

    You've been warned!

  • M.ister W having a tantrum again?
  • My prize still hasn't shown up, despite my asking the nice lady from For Goodness Shakes where it had got to.

    She said it would be with me by Wednesday, and today is.....

    So looks like I'm still a loser image

  • Did she specify which Wednesday though Wilkie???  Or was it more a random Wednesday which could mean the 3rd Wednesday in March 2013??
  • Good point Caz!

    I will follow this up tomorrow - they needn't think they can promise me a prize and not deliver! image

  • Ooh - should I check what happened to my prize? Do I really want some energy gels?
  • I think you should - I emailed the person who'd initially contacted me saying I'd won.

    Not that it's got me very far yet.

    And it's not just about getting the stuff, it's the principle!  You were promised some freebies, and they've not delivered.

  • Mine arrived today Wilkie, I had to remind Alex on Monday about it.  8 shakes (4 flavours) and a 750 ml bottle
  • OI!!!!!!!!


  • YEO

    BM is leading a splinter group of winners who are trying to infest their evils ways onto all sane losers who wish to wallow in self pity

    Plus Caz has slashed 3 tyres on his bike now   image 

    But by the end of the month they will be gone but we will always be losers

  • The last chance to lose this week.  What pile of garbage will be hauled out from under the editor's desk today?  A stack of back copies of RW?  A pair of Dan's old trainers?  A chance to be forum moderator for a day.... actually, that'd be quite a good prize image

  • Sorry, folks, my shakes finally turned up, so I am, in fact, a WINNER!

    Bye, losers!  image

  • M.ister W wrote (see)

    The last chance to lose this week.  What pile of garbage will be hauled out from under the editor's desk today? 

    I like losing BUT if they happen to find a spare Garmin 310XT laying around under that desk then I would risk going to the dark side image 
  • Ooooh some K-Swiss super duper trainers today... Good job I'm not gonna win is all I can say...
  • That would be very tempting, Deadstar, but today's prize doesn't look too bad at all.  Ending the week on a high, RW?

    Not that I'm going to be winning them.

  • they look a bit like Lunarglides

    (that will make sure I definately dont win)

  • Nice shoos, but i'll probably have to pay £70.00 if I want to wear them
  • I saw someone wearing a pair in the gym, they looked really cheap... you wouldn't want them.
  • Wont win the shoes for sure...yay! I am a loser image
  • While I don't want to encourage ruffians and winners onto the thread, what happens if you actually win?  Does someone e-mail you?  Does it come from 'editor@runnersworld' or a real person?  Does it look like spam? 

    I mean, I could be a winner and would never know it...

    (I quite like the look of those daps)

    And, while I'm waffling, has anyone tried to enter the Nike comp and been thrown out?  Every time I try to enter I get an error message.

  • I got the RSOD when I tried to enter the Nike comp too M.ouse... I think they've realised its an impossible prize to award as the staff in the Nike shop are complete retards with no idea what customer service is.  Last time I was in their Oxford Street flagship store, I was this close *holds up thumb & forefinger really close together* to throwing the Lunarglide I had in my hand at the next sales assistant (pffft) to walk straight past me.
  • ditto on the Nike comp.

    Winning - yeah it does look like spam - The company offereng the prize should email you. Thats all I ever got.

  • What all this talk of Winning

    Take pride being a loser image

    BM your attempts at trying to form a coalition are most unwelcome.

     WE losers are in the majority so bog off

  • Hey its Friday night - Partay time, the loosers never come by here at the weekend. imageimageimage
  • hmmm K-swiss trainers will go well wiv my McEnzie top and Lonsdale trackies


  • Don't forget the most essential piece of kit goldbeetle...

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