Competition time, time to lose



  • didnt win again thats a relief
  • How do you know, GB? I still can't see yesterday's result.

    I keep nervously looking out the window to see if a coach is pulling up.

  • On the Second day of September Runners World gave to me   SOD ALL

    Point of order

    Bikermouse has admitted to being a winner

  • I noticed that, but thought it rude to point
  • so who won the f*ckin coach?
  • Think they've gone home for the weekend and not pressed the button Yeo!
  • I bought a scratch card on the way home tonight, never bought one before and guess what.......

    I didn't win!!!

    I'm such a loser

  • Yeo I clicked on the wrong link and in my excitement typed before thinking
  • I want to be sure I don't win that coaching thing - it says about running at different speeds and I only have oneimage
  • Good point B, I too only have one speed.............slow! 
  • Slow runner, quick loser.
  • So hands up who took delivery of a shiny new coach over the weekend?  *shoves hands as far down as possible*

    I dont think RW realise how seriously we take this losing business... *taps fingers on desk impatiently*

  • I don't have anywhere to keep a coach so I'm glad I didn't win image
  • Farnie is that your new coach then? image

    Now we can't win some Gore - which is a pity as Halloween is coming up.

  • I'm in for not winning a Gore Jacket image I opted for not winning a black jacket,  Green looks urrrg 
  • Hmmm, tricky.  Which colour jacket should I not win?
  • I really don't want a red jacket.....

  • I wonder what we can not win tomorrow..... ooh, the anticipation image
  • Maybe todays is a sneaky triple whammy of questions.. not only do you have to get the answer right but you also have to get the colour & size right to match the one they got given to review... I went for losing a small red one.  image
  • I went for losing a small green oneimage
  • I went for black it goes with everything

    of course I will never own one at that price so the colour is irrelevant

  • When are they going to annouce the losers who have won the coaching and the fgs stuff?
  • it doesnt matter you havent won
  • The green jackets are the ones that will end up on the discount rail as the colour is so horrible.  They'll be XXS and XXXL only and I'll spend ages looking along the rack, hoping that there will be one in my size but knowing in my heart that there's never a M.

  • Can't wait to lose a large red jacket YIPEEEEEEEEEEE
  • Oh I'm losing an XL green one.

    Now, about the coach and shakes...

    Anyone got anything to confess?

  • imageI WONimage


  • But how do you know RO, I can't see where they are showing the "winners" !
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