Competition time, time to lose



  • *huffs*
  • Do I want to lose a big lox of Lucozade carp?  I guess not but as someone said, if you're not in it you can't lose it.
  • So it's not just me that doesn't know if they are losers or not on the other shit, I mean goodies.
  •   I won !! i won !!

    A postman pat book at my sons school raffle

    I did lose the jacket , red med,

    and i ve just lost the lucozade ! 

    Cant have everything i guess !

  • Sorry steve, winners aren't welcome here image
  • Not winning Lucozade products would be a win wouldn't it?
  •      image

  • Does that me I'm banned? image
  • Today I'll mostly not be winning a Garmin 110image
  • eff all, eff all, I'm gonna win eff alll

  • Finally, a prize worth losing.
  • have we had any winners yet?

    because without winners we are *ALL* looooosers.....

  • I can't see where they're announcing the winners.... image  I'm gong to assumue as I managed to park my car on the drive without any bother last night that I haven't won a coach but I don't know about the rest...

    I missed yesterdays but I'm in for losing a Garmin. image

  • Saucony have got a track record of not giving us any prizes, and so appreciate the importance of informing us promptly that we're still losers.

    Well done Mr S, and please can you tell your friends?

    I'm happy with my Garmin 205, but obviously you have to be in it to lose it.

  • Hello all,

    We'll be posting a list of winners on the site each week throughout September - so you'll be able to see if you've lost this week's competitions on Friday.

    Hope that clears things up - and good luck with today's comp!

  • Sorry Alice.  Hardcore losing takes time, effort and training.  Luck has nothing to do with it.

  • Hopefully the 22 competitions this month will provide some practice for you then M.ister W?!
  • Alice some of us have been practising for years at losing, i'm almost a veteran loser.
  • And today's prize is..... terrible.  Why on earth would I want to run an over hyped, over crowded 10 miler?  I love 10 miles as a race distance but I can think of loads of 10 milers I'd rather do instead of GSR (TBH I'd rather do any 10 miler instead of GSR).

    For that reason I'm out.

  • Me an' all.

    I might consider it if travel and accommodation were thrown in, although I'm not really 10 mile fit.

    Who knows, one of those strange w*n*er types might really want to do it, so I'm out.

  • You mean you're not even going to attempt to loose, that's just bad sportsmanship that is. image
  • You're just scared that you might win...pussy... image
  • I'm in but only cos I didn't realise I could be out and still be classed as a LOSER.   I'm not doing anything that weekend so what they hey, I may as well watch it on the tele... image
  • bikermouse wrote (see)
    You're just scared that you might win...pussy... image

    Guilty as charged I'm afraid image

    But wait a minute...

    Aren't you a WINNER?!?!?

  • its a bit of a dilemma

    you must enter to not win and therefore be a member of an exclusive club image

    and run the risk(slim chance at best) of one day winning and not being able to moan about being a non-winner image

  • I've just realised I've got a Skyride that day... RW can you make sure I dont lose my loser status for something that in all probability I won't actually be able to go to anyhoo as I'm already booked up?  Thank you.

    PS I didn't win the Skyride, Mr CS entered us in the normal way... which can actually be taken both ways... image

  • Well I've entered it, really could do with not winning it as I am doing the Beachy Head Marathon the day before.

    But you got to be in it to lose it.image

  • Official Ruling:

    To be a member of the Runners World Official Losers Club

    You must have not won a prize of any sort from any form of competition. The only exclusion to this rule is if you won a goldfish at a school fate and you were under the age of 6 at the time of winning

    Anyone who has won a competition on RW is banned from taking part in any losers thread and will forever be mocked: Especially true if you have purple hair on your photo or are a bike riding mouse

    The Life President is Goldie

    President is CazSoul

    Chair is Yeo

    Of course nobody won these roles they were simply given them following the last round of member baiting by Mr S over his imaginary running shoes

  • Most losing streaks now go back approx 6 years (first Saucony comp) and are a matter of pride

    The only rule is you must enter the competitions before you can claim loser status 

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