Competition time, time to lose



  • M.ister W you're a liar liar, bums on fire... It's not a night out with an afferleet of your choice... they haven't put it up yet....

    Mr Soreknees needs to show this lot how a competition is meant to be run... It's after 10 for goodness sake...

  • *ponders which aferleet I would choose*

    they all seem quite dull TBH.....

  • Oh great a competion for a womens jacket, i'm so not going to win that am I image

    But I have entered all the sameimage

  • I'm in too... I'm a bit hungry as it happens and could right go a chilli jacket round about now with a bit of chesse grated on top would be nice...
  • Hmm, a ladies jacket.  Oh well, I guess Pink will be happy when I lose this.
  • Feckin' sexists!

    When can we lose a men's jacket?

    Not playing the game chaps

  • come yeo - surely there's a lady you know who'd like one for christmas - save the christmas eve rush for pressies.
  • I hate to be a thread-pooper, but I won something image

    And I won a spot prize in my race at the weekend image

    *hurries off to buy a lottery ticket*

  • Don't need this jacket and the wife doesn't run so she wont want it, but I still entered just for the sake of entering to lose, so I'm happy now.  Wait a minute I'm happy to be a loser image but hey it's the only thing I'm good at image
  • Whatya win Wikie?

    Hope it was better than my invisible energy free egery gels. image image image

  • I won some of those stoopidly-named shakes/recovery drinks image

    They might come in handy as I gear up for the Ely New Years Eve 10k - I hope they taste nice though!

  • Think they're alright.

    Do you get the impression that you're all being picked off one by one - soon you'll all be winners - ha ha.

  • Anyone know any good pest controllers

    This bloody site is infested with winners

    Get lost all of you image

    This thread is for LOSERS ONLY !!

    **Goes off to get a shotgun****

  • I think we need to put bouncers on the door <img />
  • I like the look of that jacket so I have entered so that I can lose a pretty blue oneimage

  • B

    **Loads shotgun***


    Bloody  pests one starts then next there are 1000s of them


    A rota will be started for guard duty

  • image Evening

    You could always put me on ignore, trouble is although you wouldn't be able to see me, you'd know I was still in here...image

  • Ooh, I quite fancy winning that jacket. Will that make me an even bigger loser when I don't get it?!
  • nibbles away at the corner of the thread... I hope that slowfoot doesn't see me lurking here.

    Anyway, how can I be a winner, I didn't get a prize... moan moan moan. I just got told I'd won but no goodies. image

    I hope that makes you feel better.

  • BikerMouse you were spotted by the guards in the tower

    Now bog off before I slash your tyres  image

  • *puts plaster over slash in BikerMouse tyres* Ooops didn't realise we were giving them the chance to leave.

  • Caz

    They only get 1 warning then they are all yours image

  • <rolls out the barbed wire and issues live ammunition to the guards>
  • I haven't won anything.

    I do quite like it that there are a few nice forumite winners tho.


  • bikermouse wrote (see)

    nibbles away at the corner of the thread... I hope that slowfoot doesn't see me lurking here.

    Anyway, how can I be a winner, I didn't get a prize... moan moan moan. I just got told I'd won but no goodies. imageI hope that makes you feel better.
    You mean it's all a con?  I'm not going to get stoopid-name-shakes after all??
  • Cinders got her Garmin - of which I a hugely jealous. I got spam, am still getting spam and I hate spam.
  • I ticked the boxes for no spam - and I rather thought that would mean I DEFINITELY wouldn't win anything!

    However, it seems to have worked out OK image

    But I haven't got the shakes yet.

    If you see what I mean!

  • Hmm - I thought it was an uncheck for no spam. I'm a bit of a foppottee. image

    Oh well - its all sport and tells me how some one I have never heard of is doing in their latest endeavours.

    I won energy gels and as energy gels have a one stop passage through the works I'm not too worried. I was going to give them away anyway.

    Am nervous today as I have a job interview this afternoon. I so hate my current job that I have enjoyed the past 3 months not being able to work. Even if it did mean that I can't run at the moment.

  • *whistles innocently*  I wouldn't plan on using your bike to get there BikerMouse... image  But if you'd like to push your motorbike & your winning ways out of here.. be-gone with you bike riding mouse...

    Ooooh a Polar today... Wonder if we get a penguin tomorrow... I'm in anyhoo.

  • Polar watch won't be mineimage

    But fortunaly I have a garmin cos I aint gonna win the polar

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