Competition time, time to lose



  • Mine, mine, mine... it's not mine...
  • Yep, glad to be losing today cos I've got a Garmin
  • The correct answer is always the middle one image I'd be willing to lose my lose status over a £450 watch though. 

    Wilkie wrote (see)

    I ticked the boxes for no spam - and I rather thought that would mean I DEFINITELY wouldn't win anything!

    I thought the same.
  • hmmm Polar watch eh? looks a bit posh

    glad I wont win that

  • Happy not to win the polar watch! had one of those foot pod things and it stopped working right on the start line - arrghh. With my luck I'll probably win it and have to sell on it fleabay and be banned from lurking around here too!
  • I can't remember if it was tick or untick, but I went for the no spam option.

    I figured I wouldn't win anything anyway, and I don't need more junk mail!

    Now just waiting to see if the goods arrive image

  • I ticked the boxes and was expecting spam, but alas I have had none............does this make me even more of a loser?
  • Looks like I won't be running the Brighton Marathon next year thenimage

  • I swore at the end of Abingdon last year that I'd never do a marathon again (TBH, I swore for most of the last 5 miles but that's another story) so I'm very pleased that I won't have to do Brighton next year.

  • I haven't been to Brighton in years

    won't be there in April either image

  • I won a prize on saturday at a race........It was for first team at the Pumlumon challenge............entered with my son and OH....................image

    the prize was a nice framed picture.............well one each for the team we now have three identical picturesimage

  • Not sure I like the idea of getting a marathon entry from a charity..................I would feel duty bound to raise some money for that charity even if it wasn't my first choice charityimage
  • It's ok Seren you wont be getting a marathon entry for Scope anyhow.

    Brighton's a bit far, good job I wont be winning.

  • Happy not to win Brighton mara either image
  • CazSoul wrote (see)

    It's ok Seren you wont be getting a marathon entry for Scope anyhow.

    Brighton's a bit far, good job I wont be winning.

    A bit far ?

    26.2 miles surely

  • My OH will be very happy that I won't be winning an entry for Brighton.  I'm getting good at this losing lark
  • No sign of my shakes yet - maybe I'm still a loser after all!
  • Brighton  Thats somewhere down south

    Don't like the South anyway 

  • Is there anything you like Slowfoot? image
  • Slashing tyres  image
  • That did make me laugh... but I don't know why. image
  • If one weren't one of them there winners I could like you   image

  • <warms up the cattle prod and glares at the winners loitering in the thread image >
  • promises promises...
  • <prods bikermouse up the bum> image
  • *runs through thread*
  • oi!!!

    Yer Barred!

  • image

    Winners shoot them all

  • Not more Lucozade stuff.  When I moved I chucked out a cupboard full of it I'd collected from goody bags and parkruns.

    Lucky I'm not going to win any more or I'd be right pissed off.

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