Competition time, time to lose



  • Good job I don't use lucozade stuff cos I won't be winning any image
  • wassup small?

    I hope you all win tons and tons and tons of the stuff. Yummy. image

    I notice now that RW are checking up on you lot - name, address, inside leg measurement. They'll have the cameras out next.

    Then you won't be able to slash my tyres - just you wait and see - yeah right.

  • I'll get those pesky winners...

    We can see you Small, no point hiding behind that wall... 

    Oooh lucozade again today, good job I won't be winning any as I'm not right keen on it.

  • I see they're recycling the competitions now.  Have they run out of ideas?

    <prods bikermouse again>

  • Damn, been spotted.  Thought I was safe behind that wall too.

    A mutiny is coming you know. Ah yes, mark my words... soon there will be more winners than losers.

     mwhahahaaha! image

  • I'll still lose at being a winner image
  • Spoke to someone from Rent O kill .

    They suggested that If we leave some poison in a trap then that should be eough to kill off a few of the winners infesting this thread.

    However I couldn't get my hands on any poison so instead I'm using lucozade and a false competition as the trap

    Winners cannot resist entering competitions so hopefully by Monday they will all be killed off   


  • M.ister W wrote (see)

    I see they're recycling the competitions now.  Have they run out of ideas?

    No, they just had a shed load of Lucozade stuff left over from VLM Super Sixers
  • I thought the super sixers were locked in cages and force fed lucozade.
  • I think their fate was worse than that....

    Now there is a prize NOT to win

  • I have this curious feeling of deja vu. Haven't I already answered this Liz Yelling question?
  • No - the question was slightly different but the answer the same, just to give you a chance.
  • Right then are we going to have yet another lucozade one today?

    Liz yelling lives around the corner from my mum, if you look in her front garden theres a 40 foot  sea container full Lucozade

  • It seems there's nothing to lose today.

    What time do these people start work?  It's almost lunchtime.

  • It's a shipping container full of Maxi Fuel stuff today.  I was hoping for something more interesting to lose.
  • Hmph!  I still haven't had my putative prize!

    I think I'm a loser after all image

  • Well thats another product I won't be using in the near futureimageimageimage

  • They want me to enhance my running stack, and I didn't even know I had one.

    You live and learn.

  • call me old fashioned, but I am not old enough to be fed through a straw just yet...

    I prefer to eat food you have to chew...

  • I don't think I want that... good job I'm not going to win it then eh???

    Agree with Yeo, we've got a running stack... Who knew?? image

  • "designed to boost aerobic power, aid energy, hydration and stamina, and help you recover from tough training and events more quickly."

    Can't we just stick to Stella for that, like we normally do? 

  • Whats tough training anyway?
  • Training with no beer at the end?
  • imageimage People actually do that Small???? Are they mad???  Now be gone with you and take your winning ways with you.
  • beer is clinically proven to be better at rehydrating you after training....

    *awaits beer competition tomorrow*

  • Stack?

    My stack needs to recover?

    THE choice of Beers down our way at the moment is Piddle Silent slasher is Ace

  • I hope they do not have abeer competition............I would really hate losing that oneimage
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