Sore Nuts!

Does anyone else (male) suffer from sore nuts. When doing my Sunday long run, I find that the constant banging against my leg becomes v.painful. It soon goes away after the run. I have tried lycra shorts but doesn't seem to help. Does anyone run in Jockstraps?


  • I guess thats only me then...
  • Bandit

    Wear underwear you fool :-). I didn't for a while and something much more scarey than sore nuts happened to me. You can get some slip things in the M&S sports gear range.
  • Probably best to get shorts with a snugger lining or get the needle and thread out and modify you short lining yourself (I'm assuming your shorts are lined and you're not swinging in the breeze !)
  • So Scotty, you want Bandit to admit he doesn't fill his short lining? Don't hold your breath!
  • Oh thank you boys, its good to know that us females don't have all the problems, best laugh I've had today.
  • I'll go with the underwear..thanks guys although swinging in the wind could have its attractions too!
  • I'm waiting to see what Skwerl has to say on the subject.

  • Respect to you Wicked Witch for posting and not just lurking.

    Scotty, the problem is the running legging things rather than shorts. Apart from anything else the seam is in the wrong place. This is more important as the winter sets in and you need leggings to keep your muscles warm. No double entendre intended.
  • As you know Skwerls are experts at handling nuts. I however am fortunate enough to not suffer from the above so can't really comment (possibly because Skwerls store their nuts in a hideyhole).
    I do get bloody blisters from my orthotics though - bodyglide is on its way in the post. It better work!
  • Try having sex Saturday night. Everything shrinks !!

    Gives you something to think about on the run too....
  • Can't say the banging is a problem, however I have noticed that there is a certain amount of rubbing/chaffing going on. I have tried rubbing vaseline, any excuse, which seems to help a bit. I tried the underwear bit but found they got very sweaty and then rubbing inside at the top of my thighs after a while.
    It's not easy being a man!
  • Bandit

    I had similar problems and found that lycra shorts made it worse. My solution is shorts with an inner brief for warm weather and speedo (brief) style swimming trunks under lycra shorts or leggings during colder weather.

    good luck

  • I seemed to have fixed this now. Underwear no more commando!
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