Bum bag running bag type thingy!

I need to get a running bag sort of bum bag type thingy for running, mainly to put a few tissues in and a few jelly babies for when I do the GNR.  I asked in my local sports shop and they only do one with a bottle (have a hand held one and not sure I really want to run with one round my waist anyway) and they wanted £30 for it!! image  I don't want anything flashy and expensive, just something that will do the job.  Can anyone recommend anything and where I can get it from?


  • Look at the High 5 or SIS gel belts ? About a fiver or so and you can fit your stash in there.  Go for whichever gels you favour as they arent interchangeable.
  • I have one with a bottle from decathlon much better than running with a bottle in your hand

    and its got lots of space for ipod, mobile phone jellybabies.... image

  • Cougie, I've not used any gels yet, was just planning on using jelly babies to get me through the GNR!  Will have a look at those, thanks.

    Farnie, does it not bounce about and bash you, running with a bottle on a belt?  Which one have you got?

  • no, it fits in the small of your back so its not on one side or the other and as long as you have it done up right, it doens't move

    I think its this one....but it was a while a go a got it


    they do others which you can mix and match the little bottles 

  • I bought a good bumbag at Blacks for about a tenner - no bottle holder though (I've tried one with a bottle holder but couldn't get on with it bouncing around.   I'm quite skinny and found that it was difficult to get a good fit).   Sorry can't remember the name of the one I have, but Blacks stock various bumbags, so might be worth a look.

    For something bigger (when you move up to maras and ultras image), I'd recommend http://www.peteblandsports.co.uk/trolleyed/12/17/161/

    Good luck with GNR.

  • Some of my running shorts have a small zip pocket at the back. That would be big enough for a few tissues and jelly babies, if your not looking to carry water.

    I use a fuel belt which can hold four small water bottles (although I usually only carry one or two) and has a pouch which can hold mobile phone keys etc., it fits quit snugly around the waist and doesn't bounce around.
  • I have a Nathan 5K I think it is called. Small neoprene thing which is fab. You can get a bigger one but I've not needed that.
  • Wiggle do a small asics bumbag £9. i can get a phone, keys, tissues and jelly beans into it and i hardly notice it's there! Hope this helps image
  • I got an adidas one from sweatshop for £12 reduced from 15.

     It's this one but it is dearer from this site


  • Thanks everyone image  Lots of suggestions there!  Will have a look around and try a few on I think, see which suits me best.
  • Check out JJB they have Nike bum bags that essentially carry an iPod Nano in the front pocket & also have another pocket big enough for keys & jelly beans.
  • SIS Marathon bag does for me, enough space for keys, a mobile, some change for a drink on a long run and the all important tissue paper for emergency use.  It was about £7 I think.  The pocket in the back of my shorts makes the loo roll and jelly babies go soggy and the look from a shopkeeper on handing him a soggy tenner, sticky with jelly babies and with bits of tissue paper stuck to it is to be avoided.
  • LOL !
  • SIS bag from Tesco for £6.99 is good. I use it on longer runs for the tissues/ jelly babies/ door key etc... has loops for the gels (not tried them though- loops not gels)
  • GraemeK wrote (see)
    The pocket in the back of my shorts makes the loo roll and jelly babies go soggy and the look from a shopkeeper on handing him a soggy tenner, sticky with jelly babies and with bits of tissue paper stuck to it is to be avoided.

    Ooo, £6.99 in Tescos eh?  Got to go there tomorrow, so will have a look out for them.  Are they in the clothing bit?  Or are they only in the ginormous Tescos that are over two floors and have escalators?!

  • I got mine from the sports section at the Tesco extra near work if that helps, with the gels and protien powders etc
  • Don't think we have a Tesco Extra, just the normal ones here.  Maybe I'll have a lookie see on line, see if they do them that way.
  • Hey rachel wood 29, welcome to the forum. Thanks for advertising for www.carpplay in 4 of your 5 initial postings.

    (edit: the abovementioned poster got deleted, so this looks an awful lot like a non sequitur. Sigh. I guess I'm obliged to mention that my Hilly brand thingy with neoprene straps only lasted a couple of years because the neoprene has lost its stretch.)

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