Grazeley 10K, 28/06/2003

EP, Nicko, Muttley, Skinny, Fraggle.

Anyone else doing it?


  • I picked up a leaflet on this at the Woodley 10K, and thought it looked like a nice event, and very local to me, so yes, will probably do it. Anyone done it before?

  • Sorry RC, didn't add your name to the list. This is a first for me. Will be good to meet you at last.

    Any news of Theale
  • BK, Thanks for asking baout Theale - I should really have posted an update earlier. I went to see the organiser, and the long and the short of it is that it's not going to happen this year. There are problems with the route, and the police aren't being too co-operative. I would really like to see it happen next year.

    Back to the Grazeley 10K: could someone let me have an email address or website for the race? Thanks.


  • Not sure about a web address RC. I had a form left on my car at another race.

    Shame about Theale, especially as its so local, but last year was a disaster. Did get a chance to meet up with Dog Walker and Redhead though
  • Mmm... saw the signs for this as I was cycling past Grazely the other day... was going to do the Lambourn 6K on the Sunday unless I do both and just treat them as training runs? - or perhaps I'm just being silly now...

    RC, yes I did Grazely last year. Nice race, reasonably flat but I seem to remember it started in the afternoon when it was really hot. Anyone got a start time for this year?
  • could be doubtful for me, as junior fraggle has a birthday party to go to (and I htink I have to help supervise a load of 5 yr old boys <gulp>)and then I'm having my hair done in the afternoon - which I know sounds like a really crap made-up excuse but it's true! (it's also my '2 houtrs away from the kids relaxing time' every 8 weeks)
  • Hi Guys
    I think it usually starts at 2:30.
    There are usually forms in the Reading Chronicle or Evening Post. It is flat with a nice stretch through Wokefiled Park.
    Every time I have done it the heavens opened!!
    I'll do my hair the following day!:-)
  • Come on Skinny you can keep me company, I may be able to keep up with you now.

    I think 2:30 is correct but will post again if not
  • Cheers BK, think I will go for it.
  • Excellent, whats your target?
  • God knows. Sub-40 is looking like a distant dream right now....
  • We'll take it as it comes then. I'd like a time in the 41's at least.
  • BK or anyone - if you have the leaflet to hand, I'd appreciate an email address or phone number of the organiser(s). Thanks.


  • Sorry RC, off work yesterday. I'll mail you a number tonight
  • Cheers BK.
  • Hi Andy, the contact is Mr V Jerrom on
    01189 833132

    Mailed you the address as well
  • EP you little Rockchick you.......
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    Sorry, bit late on this one ... can't do it BK. Working. Lame excuse, but not as lame as having my hair done:)

    Hoping to do Abingdon though.
  • Its a Saturday pixels
  • EP - It's at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon.

  • We're fine thanks EP. Shame you can't make it
  • Morning BK.......
  • Yes, EP, you DID ruin my run....


    But nice to meet you all the same. It was a good run but I don't recommend going to Pilates immediately after a 5 mile run. I did manage a quick shower in between but I was knackered.

    Did the Datchet 10K yesterday, another good race. I'm beginning to think that Berkshire must be one of the best places to live for races.

  • Hey BK,

    Doesn't look like I'll be able to help you much with pacing I'm afraid - took me almost 44 minutes to get round the Datchet Dash yesterday!!!
    I'll still do it though, maybe you can drag me round in a slightly more respectable time....

  • Afternoon Nicko !

    SW lets just take it as it comes, though having said that this is what I'll feel on the day

    39-40 = Exstatic
    40-41 = Very Happy
    41-42 = Happy
    42-43 = Dissapointed
    43+ = Inconsolable
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