Is This Insane?

Hi, new member here! I've just decided to run in a 10k race this Sunday 5th Sept, a marathon the following Sunday (12th) and a half marathon the Sunday after that (19th). Am I insane for thinking I can complete all of this?

Just to put things in perspective: I'm 24 years old and haven’t run for over 2 years. The longest distance I have ever run is a half-marathon. In addition, I am about 10kg overweight. I don't do any physical activity at the moment and am not particularly healthy. On a good note I have never smoked. I should be able to complete the 10km and half-marathon without too much of a problem but will the marathon and the combination of all these races be too much for me.

 Honest and helpful advice would be much appreciated.

PS I have a lot of determination and can usually run through the wall.




  • If you've experienced "the wall" on a half marathon - then yes, in my opinion you will have a problem! image

    Good luck you crazy man! image image image

  • I know it's going to be difficult but is it feasible?

     Also, any advice on resting/recuperating in the days between races?

  • You've done no exercise for over two years and you want advice on how to rest?

    I think you may have that part of it sorted.

    It's the running that is going to kill you!

  • if you race them then you will struggle - if you plod round and enjoy the marvelous company in the back of the field then you will have fun. Make sure you have some decent shoes - if you are planning to do this in your 10 year old Green Flash's you will break.

    Recovery - drink milk after each run (or a protein recovery drink), cool baths, get rehydrated and stay hydrated, look after your feet, and if you start hurting know when to call it a day - there is no point running to the point of triggering an injury and never running again.

    Enjoy it you crazy bugger!

  • Wouldn't be feasible or advisable for me...... in fact I've been running for many years, have completed many halves, 10ks & marathons and run currently about 30 -35 p/w.  Even I wouldn't attempt what you are considering off no training etc.  But, give it a go if you want - it's your decision.  I wouldn't have thought any form of resting/recouperation would make any difference to how you feel on the days you are doing one of the events.
  • Which events are you considering CK? You're not doing the Robin Hood Marathon on the 12th are you?  If so I'll look out for you.  Crazy crazy man.......... please let us know how you get on.  After all Eddie Izzard did something similar........ he's crazy too imageimage.  I like your ambition image

  • At the moment i'm definately doing the Sheffield 10km (5th) and the Great North Run (19th) and was thinking of squeezing in the Robin Hood Marathon (12th).  There is still places for the Robin Hood and since I have never completed a marathon before, it makes sense to do it now.

    PS Eddie Izzard is my idol. What he did was just immense!

  • Yeah - I love Eddie too - but if you watched the series the man really suffered and he did 6 weeks training!  I love your idea of "sense" - it really really doesn't make sense CK but - what the hell - just be careful.  I'll see you at Nottingham and give you a jelly baby at mile 20.  LOL image 
  • Sorry but why does it make sense to do it nowimage

     I haven't done a marathon before either but dont think i'd be sqeezing one in between a 10k and a HMimage

  • Is it insane? Probably. It'll be something to laugh about once the pain has subsided, though. While others will (rightly and wisely) suggest that you don't do it, I'm inclined to say do it - you'll never know if it's beyond you otherwise.
  • Intmt - we agree about something image Oh, sorry..... I know you don't like people talking to you who aren't your friends image

    Actually CK - wear an Ipod - it'll take your mind off the pain (private joke!)
  • You may make it through the 10k.

    You may even get to the end of the marathon - slowly.

    But if the marathon goes badly - there's a good chance it will - you won't be doing the half.

    So yes, you're insane.image

    Cancel the races, get a training program and enter a spring marathon instead.

  • Hi Jonny! At the very least I'm doing the Sheffield 10km and the Great North Run. Those two together with the two week gap shouldn't be too difficult to complete. The question is regarding the Robin Hood. Gut is saying no but brain says it would be a great achievement to complete all three.

    In addition, I love a challenge.

  • Sorry CK but all common sense screams not to do it without more training. You really, really, really run the risk of an injury - especially with the marathon in the middle - and this may mess up running for the future becuase you will try and run the HM at the end regardless of any problems you will have probably picked up by then.

    I have no doubt of your determination but I wouldn't recommend itimage

    If you are looking for the sense of achievement then pick some races far enough in the future that will give you an opportunity to train for them. To do a 10km, then a HM then a full mara on consecutive weekends is perfectly feasible and sounds like a good challenge to yourself  - but with training image


  • Q. Is this insane?
    A. Yes, 100%

    Good luck!! image

  • Your "plan" (and I use that reasonably loosely) reminds me of a friend that ran a marathon without training. He was broken and hobbling for the six months following.

    You'll do as you please, obviously, but if it was me, I'd jog the 10k, volunteer as a marshal for the marathon, and walk/jog the half.


  • Rennur - cracking idea on the marshal bitimage
  • Oww.

    I'm sure you can probably limp round the marathon and crawl through the half, but then you probably wont be able to run for a month or so after. Its silly, and not sensible long term, but hey - its your body. 

     Look forward to the race reports anyway ! 

  • Do you really have a place in the GNR? If you do, you've known you have to do it for a good few months, which beggars the question, why have you not trained? I'm doing it, it's my first half and I've been training like a mad thing for 12 weeks. I was out for three months with an injury and getting back into running was hard. So, even without the 10k and the marathon, the GNR will probably leave you broken, weeping and winding up folk who've been training for it for months as you keel over.

    Or you're a troll?

  • One question. Are you planning to keep on running regularly after this? I fear that the pain and misery you will suffer in the marathon may well put you off for life.
  • Hi!

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Completed The Great Yorkshire Run today. It wasn't has bad as I had expected. The first 4km was fine and I was averaging about 5min/km. The rest was a bit tougher though and I lost a lot of speed and momentum.

    I managed to complete it in 64 mins. Would have liked sub 60 min given that it was a relatively flat course.

    Anyway, I've decided not to run the marathon next week but prepare for the Great North Run instead. I'm hoping to run it in sub 2hrs 30mins. Is this feasible in my current physical state?

    AllNewTB: I am a short fat man but not a troll image I'm just a bit insane.

    Lostkat: All this running is making think about my general fitness and has so far not discouraged me from continuing to run. In fact I'm now considering my diet and how to most effectively lose weight. Going to start a sub 500kcal diet from tomorrow.


  • a 500 calorie diet will probably put paid to any other races you have planned

    I would advise you to research some training plans a sensible eating habit while you are at it  image
  • Or anything you had planned, except breathing and blinking your eyes.
  • I think you have made a wise decision to can the marathon. Be aware that half marathons can hurt a lot as well, so take it easy. I've seen a lot of people flaked out in half marathons so don't push yourself too hard.

    Really think you should go on a more sensible diet together with a beginners training plan. Super low calorie diets and long distance running don't go together.

  • It was all going ok untill you mentioned a sub-500 cal diet, you've not got a snowballs chance in hell if you do that.
  • danowat wrote (see)
    It was all going ok untill you mentioned a sub-500 cal diet, you've not got a snowballs chance in hell if you do that.
    I agree. It's a really silly move. Very low calorie diets & running do not mix.
  • 500 calories - christ, gives me hunger pangs just thinking about it!!!!image

    CK - well done on completeing the race, think you should look at pacing though as it sounds like you went a tad too fast at the beginning perhaps. If you pace yourself to your current ability then you will find it a much more enjoyable experience.

    Sensible decision on the marathon.

    As for the 500 calories - racing a HM can use anything from 1500 to 1800 of the little buggers so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the maths on that one.

    With regards to weight I believe in the old adage of 'fast off- fast on' tends to holds true. It is a lifestyle change not a short-term fix that you need.

    Good luck anywayimage

  • Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! - CK - you are obviously a comedian as well as a lttle insane. 500 cals?  What are you going to eat....... dust washed down with water? image  Even a banana has 140 odd calories in it. image

    Well done on your 10k though - good start!

  • Hey!

    The other problem I wanted advice on was how much running do you guys do and when? This is because I usually leave the house at 06:30am and return at 7:30pm pretty much shattered from work. By the time I've had something to eat and prepared stuff for the next day I basically have one maximum to do anything else. I usually work like this every weekday. Only running on weekends is probably not enough so any advice? I’m planning to do a 5km tonight before bed. 

    PS  More then half way through the first day and have only had 220kcals (assuming my small apple was 40). Currently on track  image 


  • I tend to eat before I leave work if I'm planning to run in the evening, but if you're really aiming to eat less than 500 calories today, your evening meal will be what, three tomatoes and a slice of ham? You'll probably run ok tonight on stored energy. Tomorrow though you'll be starving and your body may well start breaking down muscles to get more energy, it's easier than trying to break down fat stores. As mentioned before on this thread VLCD (very low calorie diets) and running really don't mix, you'll do yourself more harm than good.
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