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Does anybody have any experience of attending the Running School programme? I have seen their videos and am impressed by the after results but I am interested to find out whether or not this is something that the runners maintain when they have completed their programme.


  • £250  ? I think you could enough advice from a club, the internet and local running shop, but horses for courses, it may be good.
  • Sarah I used The Running School after a series of injuries my osteo and physio said were partially caused my poor form and muscle imbalances. I searched around for coaching and there're based pretty close to me so I thought I'd give them a go as my club doesn't have anyone experienced enough to coach form properly.

     I went for the five session package for just over two hundred and for me it just wasn't worth it. The first session I thought was ok, they videod me running on their opensided treadmill and superimposed a series of graphs on onto the video so  I could see clearly how high my heels were coming up whether they were equally balanced both left and right. We then went through some stretches and then back onto the tready for four or five more sessions of three minutes or so running with the instructor telling me to lift my heels, cycle through my knees or a combination of both.

     And that was exactly the same for the following sessions. I personally felt that the running school has a template style they shove on everyone regardless of type of existing form. I'm sure it is an efficient style but I was more interested in having my style analysed and tweaked rather than just having someone tell me to imitate their style. So I found it just wasn't for me, I certainly didn't learn anything new after the first session, we just kept repeating the same drill time and time again. If you went in for one taster class and you were disciplined about applying the lessons shown I'd see no advantage to you in doing the full course.

     Having said all that the instructors were very pleasant.

  •     You're welcome. No, really, it's never a chore taking the time to write a detailed post answering someones questions. I live to help.image

  • Lirish - I enjoyed reading your detailed post - very helpful.

     SW seems to be new so hopefully it's just "newness" forum etiquette failure.. for the lack of a thank you.

  • I would love to go to running school!!
  • I'd hate the homework. You'd probably have to go for a run or something.
  • Sorry for not replying LIrish-  your response was much appreciated and it has given me food for thought, plus probably saving me £250. It is always useful to get first hand experience and whilst I have watched nearly all of the before & after sessions on the website its whether or not the techniques taught can be maintained.

     I may just settle on a gait analysis for now and see where that leads me.

    Thanks again for taking the time out.

  • Hey I attended the running school in Wales and only have great things to say about it.They really know what they are doing and although you my know what you should be doing these guys teach you until it sticks.

     If your fed up of putting you physio ‘s children through private education then go you won't regret it!! 

     Gait analysis may not solve your problems a new running technique will.

  • and you just 'happened' upon this forum and this thread just by chance?   image
  • Now what are the chances of that ?? image
  • In actual fact yes!!

     I joined runner world forum tonight because I wanted to post a question 2xu V's skins which was already asked in January.

    How rude and cyinical for you to judge me on my first ever post.

     I've had a really good experience with the running school, someone was asking for opinions and I gave them mine if you have something worth saying then wouldn't you post it???

  • Rachel - Thank you for replying.

    Do you feel that your running style is now more efficient and do you think you are quicker than before attending the school?


  • Sarah

     Yeah my style is totally different I would show u the video but i've been waiting for it for about 3 weeks! (bit annoying)

    The first hour is totally over whelming I thought I was going to pass out after, I was concentrating so hard I didn't breathe!!

    They basically teach you to run with your legs in a circle like your cycling so heels up high, knee's up and arms bent at a right angle from elbows and not swinging across your body. This is all done by you running for 30 sec's and then jumping off treadmill for 30 sec's quick discussion i.e think about lifting right heel more.

    Its so easy for me to tell you this but actually doing it on a run and knowing your doing it right is the reason why I went.

    I have spent almost £1000 on orthotics, physio and massage and feel that running school really is money well spent even though my PT friend tells me I was ripped off!!!

    As for being quicker I know I would be but I haven't run outside since February due to all my injuries and I've actually lost all confidence to run again, i'm scared the pain will return!! However I am starting to do a few 20 min runs a weeks but its bloody tough and I find it really annoying how unfit I am!!!!

     Anymore questions let me know. I'll post a link to my video whgen I get it!!

  • Brilliant - I will look forward to seeing that. How often did you attend the school and what was the homework like? Did they give you any specific advice regarding training for certain distance races?

    I have only had one course of physio due to lower back pain but they have basically said that theres nothing more they can do so its down to me which is why I found the running school interesting.

    Good luck with building your confidence - have you ever thought about aqua running? never done it myself but it may get you back into running with less risk of injury.

  • Interesting reading. My brother is doing this at the moment and I'm tempted, but want to see proof is in the pudding type results. ie, less injury, faster PBs, etc.

  • Hi,

    After 2.5 years of not being able to run far or as often as I'd like, been to numerous physio's, had a PT look at my running style, had sports massages, been under MATS, a professor, had MRI and xrays, I've now ended up at the running school.

    Just had my first session and learned SO much from that and watching my video.  I'll let you know how I get on and whether I will finally be able to start running pain free!

  • Hi Fairey, any progress to report?

  • I have done 4 sessions at Running School so far - I still have 4 more to go, but currently recovering from knee surgery (injury sustained pre-running school!). I did a 10k race the week before my knee surgery and after 3 running school sessions and I knocked 4 minutes off my PB - good result. I feel so much more comfortable when I'm running too, like I'm propelling myself forward rathaer than fighting with myself to go faster. And it gives me something to concentrate on when a run gets hard, I think about swinging my arms more, or lifting my heels etc and it takes my mind off the other discomfort.

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