Just Entered the Belfast Marathon 2011

I have just registered for the Belfast Marathon in May 2011, what the hell have I done to myself. Im 32 not very fit at all but thought why not!! I have 239 days to go, so is it possible?

I had been looking at the beginners training guide for the London Marathon so thought I would use that as a rough training schedule. I went out for the 15 min jog and to my surprise was able to do it. 15min and 1.5 miles so at least thats something.

So my question is am I nuts to have put in for the full marathon or is it a doable challenge?

PS I have told as many people as I can and said im raising money for the local hospice so that will keep me from backing out image


  • Gibby NI are you nuts???  Yes!!! How do i know? because ive entered Edinburgh marathon on 22nd may 2011 so im just as crazy as you!! My hand didnt even hesitate on the authorise payment button! But im not as brave as you outing my intensions, my marathon is my shameful little secret that im confiding only with other crazies on runners world forum.  Best of luck image
  • good on ya mate am thinking of doin it myself (belfast) to give myself a goal to work to.am a beginner aswell 1.5mile my best was 13.40 so were basicaly the same. wher bouts you from ?? am from whitehead    


  • Am I mad as well?!   Missed out on the ballot for London so decided to enter Bfst two weeks later. Booked the hotel and air tickets, then I managed to secure a London place through work, s**t! What do I do?.. Decided to do it anyway, I did LochNess and Snowdon Mthons in the same month this year but they were 4 weeks apart. Does anyone know what the course is like?
  • havnt entered yet myself but have been training for about ten weeks so far, work a lot of shifts so i wanted to see how training would fit in around the workload.  it's actually been better than expected so i'll be entering properly in the new year!

    as far as im aware the course is farily flat with the exception of the Antrim Road which is a rather large continuous hill! i'm going to have another look at it here and give it a bit of study

  • I'm visiting my daughter here in N.I. and after a 14 month break I've started to run again. Up to 4 miles in a week's worth of running, very slow times though.
    When is the Belfast Marathon? - I may try and wangle another trip over here to participate if poss.
    I've run about a dozen marathons over the past 5 years, but starting over again really really does feel like I'm starting all over again.
  • Paul Ward 21 wrote (see)
    When is the Belfast Marathon? - I may try and wangle another trip over here to participate if poss. I've run about a dozen marathons over the past 5 years, but starting over again really really does feel like I'm starting all over again.

    It's the 2nd of May this year, so you'd get you spend your bank holiday running around Belfast.

  • Sure what else would you rather be doing?
  • I thought that "recovering from the Belfast marathon held the day before" would be a good bet, but apparently some other people weren't so keen on having it on a Sunday.  The organisers don't seem to have given up though, there's a mandatory "do you think it would be better to run on the Sunday?" question on the entry form.


  • I did the BM last year and will be entering again this year.  The hill on the Antrim Road is not that bad if you incorporate hills into training runs, the worst for me was running into Ormeau Park (detour)  to run out of it again.  The majority of hill work is in the first half, the second half is 90% downhill.  For anyone doing it for the first time I would recommend doing a half at some point before it - more a confidence boost if anything.
  • Hi all! I did the BM last year. I found the Antrim Road stretch to be very tiing. It's a long slow hill from about 7 miles right the way through to the half way point. If I was doing it again I'd eat a banana or slurp some gel at about 6.5 miles to get my blood sugar levels up and then just get my head down and not panic. Maybe crank up your ipod if you are listening to one. Basically when you can smell the zoo you are nearly there! After the half way stage it's downhill or flat mostly (nothing like the Antrim Rd again anyway).

    Indo77, I agree in and out of Ormeau was a bit disheartening! Running through residential streets of Befast was weird! Also all the relay runners got on my nerves but I always get really grumpy when I am tired. . .

    Overall I really enjoyed it. The crowds were great, especially for the last few miles when you need it the most! Growing up I always used to watch the marathon on the bank holiday weekend  and I couldn't believe I was actuall running it! Am doing Paris this year for a wee change but I would def do Belfast  again some day.

    Good luck everyone!

  • I have entered this yet again, anyone else doing it?

  • I'm entered, do we get anything through the post beforehand.
  • I'm in for it, first full marathon, and was confident until my 22-miler at the weekend which almost did for me! Admittedly a severe lack of hydration and nutrition was to blame, but I've never had to stop running during training before, which worries me. Reckon it'll be grand, plenty of water and nutrition points, and once we get past the Antrim Road, we'll be laughing... I hope...
  • @Richard Bulmer: when did you submit your entry form? You should get a confirmation letter, you need to go pick up your race number from the City Hall (I think) on the Saturday (again, I think!)
  • I got a speedy response from the organizing team and They confirmed my number and the times to pick up the pack at Belfast City Hall.

    Heading out for a lovely gentle 6 miles in the evening sunshine tonight, this tapering is nice. Here's hoping for a cool day in Belfast in 13 days time.
  • I went out and did 2 hills tonight (Rocky Road Castlereagh) and it was tough enough,  I think this taper stuff has not hit home yet. @markpentland 22 miles is heavy going, the longest I have did this year is 18 miles.
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