Speed or stamina?

Hi everyone.

I started running on a treadmill in December last year and then stopped in March. I was only running for about half an hour 3-4 times a week but I got bored with the treadmill and since I hate running outside on my own and didn't have anyone else to run with, I stopped. Yes I could kick myself!

Anyway, I have restarted this week (on the treadmill again) and decided to just keep going for as long as I felt comfortable - yes I know that breaks every beginners running rule in the book, but I managed 40 mins on Thursday night and an hour today.

The thing is I was going sooo slowly it's almost an insult to call it jogging. I only did 7.5k in the hour.

 So, my question to all of you is should I continue to work on my stamina or try and improve my speed?

I would like to do a couple of 5k races and maybe a 10 before Christmas but my lack of speed is putting me off.

Any thoughts?


  • Firstly, you have to run outside.  It's completely different to a treadmill, harder to begin with but ultimately much more enjoyable and rewarding. If you do all your running inside and on a treadmill, you'll not be prepared for an outside race.

    If you aim to increase your distance, by around 10% each week, your speed will increase.  If might also be an idea to slow down a bit too to begin with while you're getting your distance up.  Don't think to do any specific speedwork yet, you need to have a good groundwork of mileage before you should move up to that.

    Don't let the fact that you're not fast stop you from racing. I'm not fast (10k PB 1:02, aiming to go sub 60 this November) and I've never been the last to finish in any race I've entered. There are always people slower than you!  

     Good luck with your races.

  • Thanks AllNew.

     You're right, I know, and actually when I come to think of it I do have some lovely memories of when a friend and I trained for a 5k, especally the time we ran on Bonfire night and the air was thick with the smell of cordite as fireworks lit up the sky. Unfortunately she hurt her knee in an accident and doesn't want to run anymore so I stopped running outside and bought a tready instead but it bores me to death.

    There is  a small group of mums I know who started a running group about a year ago. I will have to be brave and ask if I can go out with them but I don't want to hold anyone up. S'pose everyone has to start somewhere though.

  • Hey Dippy

    Check out parkrun.com a free local 5k run in parks all over the UK at 9am Saturday mornings you will find support, encouragement friendship and people of all abilitys.
    its great fun, some of the regular runners at my local parkrun starting walking by walking the course and simply progressed over time, others are a little more nimble on their feet image

    I think parkrun is great. At my local parkrun we have young kids doing something better than sitting in front of a TV. we have fuller figured ladies and men taking the first steps towards a healthier lifestyle and some people well above retirement age. You might enjoy it image

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