Sportswear Detergent Halo or Penguin?

I've been running for about 18 months now and although my tops look fine they really stink, they seem fine after they've been through the wash and before I put them on, but once I get 30 minutes of sweat in them they take on a life of their own.

I'm sure my BO hasn't got that bad and I'm convinced that the tops aren't truly clean when I put them on each time?

I've been reading about two special detergents, one is called Halo and the other Penguin. I'm wondering if anyone here uses such products or has any other cure that doesn't involve me needing to go an buy another load of running shirts?



  • I think part of the problem is that people wash their clothes at lower temperatures nowadays that aren't hot enough to kill the bugs. You could just try increasing the temperature of your wash. Or Vanish do a powder (Oxi something?) that you put in the wash along with your normal powder, that claims to kill bacteria. Haven't tried either of the ones you mention.
  • Try giving them an overnight soak with some Miltons sterilising tablets then wash them. It seems to work ok with my gear.
  • I wash my stuff at 40c and bung some Vanish (liquid or powder they both work) in with the detergent seems to get rid of any lingering pong.
  • After a run I take my kit into the shower with me and rinse it out with just water. I bought one of those £5 suction ended shower rails, placed it over the middle of the bath and after wringing them out, leave them there for a few hours and they are dry.
    I wash them through the machine after my long run on a weekend, but do re-use the Skins after the 'shower rinse' and haven't had any problems yet (",)
  • THe Penguin stuff is brilliant - but I can't find it in UK.  I brought back some after a work trip to the states and it works really well.

  • I've just emailed them to ask if they supply to UK... image
  • Thanks for all your replies

    Penguin is sold on Amazon UK site, so might give them a try.

  • oh cool.  hadn't thought of amazon!
  • I just bought some Halo from for about 7 quid a litre. My missus tried it on some of my kit a week or so ago, it seems to have eliminated that lingering odour that remained on my supposedly 'clean' kit.
  • This could save us a fortune you know.

    When it starts to go smelly - we've been chucking ours away! image

  • Devoted - have you tried zolflora?

    Only sportswash I can buy locally is nikwax and it is expensive at £4 for a tiny bottle, so looking for other alternatives. Even buying online not great as it often costs as much for postage as it does for the wash.I can't be bothered washing all sports stuff separate from other family clothes so want a cheap easy option.

    Have read about soda crystals, white vinegar and zolflora so going to give them all a try. Would be interested to hear from anyone else who has tried any of them and whether they worked.

    I read the back of that oxy extra hygeine stuff and it only kills bacteria if you use it to soak clothes in a basin before washing, doesn't kill bacteria in the washing machine. Should be done for mis-selling if you ask me.

    TT ;0)

  • I just use Persil Colour for my kit and it works fine. I've shedloads of tecchy kit - dating back years and none of it gets stinky - unless its not dried properly after washing.  Do that and its sorted.
  • I was about to order some Halo via SportSaver but one bottle comes to £10.31 with postage image

    Then I found this page which says you can buy it in Wilkinsons. image

    Mind, I did image when I saw Penguin was £17 on Amazon.

  • Chri5B- I'd never even heard of Wilkinsons til you posted it. Live in Scotland so don't think they are a well known name up here. They have a few Scottish stores listed on their website but they are a long way away from me unfortunately.

    I think best buy I've seen for halo is the bulk buy on germwarfare website(think it was there I seen it), if you buy the six bottle pack and spend another £8 on stuff from their site you don't pay postage. If you don't order the extra £8 worth of stuff you have to pay £8 postage so worth buying other stuff if you can find things you would usually buy/use. I haven't used Halo though so not keen on forking out £40 to bulk buy it.

    I have tried the zolflora method tonight and tops certainly smell fresh and clean just now, will let you know how they fare after a run. Zolflora recommend that you put 2 capfuls of zolflora in the fabric softener compartment of the dispenser drawer so that it goes into the final rinse, it does NOT go in with the washing powder.

    TT ;0)

  • Well stuff rinsed in zolflora seems to be fine, I used the 'clean &fresh' zolflora rather than a flowery one and didn't reek to the high heaven when got back from run last night.

    My Mum has also suggested that some cash &carry places like Macro sell antibacterial washing powder for nursing homes and the like and they are not any more expensive than normal washing powder. So something else looking into.

    TT ;0)

  • I have tried Halo Sports & Penguin wash and I've got to say apart from Halo being well cheaper it actually does work a helluva lot better. My wife puts all the rest of washing in with my sports gear and the little fellas stuff and everything comes out great image 

    I would check out other stockists thow cos the prices do vary on the different sites.

  • Have been using napisan in with normal washing powder and seems to be working fine with no ill effects on clothing, easy to get in supermarket and cheap.

    TT ;0)

  • Found some Halo in my local Wilko's yesterday.  £6.20 a bottle, so hardly cheap but grabbed a bottle anyway.

  • Another vote for Napisan- so good and so cheap.  First started using it on nappies figured if it worked for them then sports kit should not be a problem.  I have been fragrant ever since ( I hope)!image
  • I've always found a decent dose of bicarbonate of soda des the trick without bleaching the colours of my kit.  About a desertspooful for a wash (not the whole tub unless you want a foam party!).  Bicarb is great for killing the bacteria that creates the foosty smell of sweaty bods.
  • I think I found that napisan seems to degrade elastic quite well image Hopefully it doesn't, t just seems to.

     I've been using Milton

    with lots of success...

  • I did find that milton stuff online but can't find anywhere near me that actually stocks it, and I live just north of Glasgow with most major supermarkets within easy reach, but none of my local ones stock it.

    TT ;0)

  • Its in our local Tesco Extra in the Baby section...
  • Is it a similar price (£5.60 ish) in Tesco?

    If it is 20mls per wash, it's a fair bit cheaper than Halo.

  • Soda Crystals
  • DB2-Have a tesco extra here but they don't sell the milton fabric stuff, everything else milton but not that image.

    NickL-I have bought a bag of soda crystals but couldn't find any info online that says they actually kill bacteria, just that good for stain removal.How much do you put in?

    TT ;0)

  • Yes, about £5-£6 per bottle...

    Shame more places don't do it, its great!

  • Ariel liquid smells great. I always get complemented how nice and fresh I smell. Its smells like fresh air.
  • Hubby allergic to Ariel image
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