Sportswear Detergent Halo or Penguin?



  • Finally bought some Halo last month in Wilkinsons at £6.10 per litre.

    Have to say t really works on my running gear, hoping for a pong free summer of runnning now.
  • Use soda crystals instead of fabric softener to get rid of any lingering smell
  • Woohoo my local Tesco have Halo now, £3.99 for a Litre. Just bought it today so haven't tried it yet.

    TT ;0)

  • Hello guys!

      In my locality also no one stock very rare

  • Its stocked in Sainsburys ;3.99

  • We always take our tops into the shower with us after training, we give them a quick wash there. Once they are dry we put them in the washing machine. The problem with stinky tops begin when you use them and then it takes you a few days before you put a washing machine with them in it.

    Now, when we still get tops with awful whiffy arms which actually seams to be the black ones most of the time, I have my nan's easy and cheap trick image ...all you need to do is buy the cheapest white vinegar and put the top in water with it overnight. The vinegar kills all the bacteria and other little animals that cause the you won't need hot washing machines that actually are not that good for the quality of your tops anyway image

    I hope it helps

  • I tend to take my kit into the shower before I put it in the washer, although when it really hums I tend to use a bit of Dettol (I would suggest the fragranced stuff as the original isn't my favourite smell, Orange and Lavender or something is alright!) and you can use that in the wash. That seems to do the trick and kill the germs. I think my wife washed it once in my son's Napisan and that seemed to come up lovely!

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