Glucose tablets vs energy gels

I did the Tydfilian Roman Run yesterday and as an experiment/preparation, instead of energy gels I used glucose tablets.
I took about two per water station stop and found that I was digesting them better than gels and I wasn't getting the 'crash' afterwards.

What is the difference between them and gels? Does anybody else use them instead of gels.


  • It's just a different way of getting energy.  Gels generally use different sugars or carbohydrates (maltodextrin in SIS gels) but it's just energy so if you find glucose tablets work for you then stick with them.
  • Some gels use a glucose and fructose mix these days - supposedly the body can only 'absorb' one of the above at a certain rate but it can metabolise two different sugars at the same time - so a mix of the two might be better...
  • I use glucose tablets - they're easier to get down, don't leave you all sticky, and even taste quite nice. image

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