mountain marathon shoes

The boyfriend is running his first mountain marathon at the KIMM but time is running out to get some off road shoes and wear them in. Anyone got any advice about best makes / models for this type of running?



  • Most of the mountain marathoners i know seem to wear PB Walsh studded fell running shoes. Cost about £55 RRP.
  • Yep I agree , I have a pair of WashPB's which are absolutely brilliant , have a look at
    All the best
  • He could try New Balance RX Terrains also. A lot of people are using Adidas Swoops now, but I had a pair and found the grip on wet rock lacking. Very comfy though. They have a new model out now, don't know if they have improved it.
  • Thanks Guys. He's actually bought new balance shoes now, as our local shop was a bit limited in selection. So it's good to have a recommendation for them.
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