New Year's Eve & New Year Liverbird Marathon Double

does anybody have any more info on this???



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  • It's Liverpool Lass from Fetch who's organising this.  Not sure if she's on the forum though.
  • Nothing to do with 'runliverpool' and don't know anything about it.We are still waiting for Liverpool City Council to decide on our bid for the Liverpool Marathon!!

    Alan Rothwell

    'runliverpool' initiative

  • Curious distance too at 26.3m, unless it's a typo. I've emailed for more details, such as whether it's the same route on each of the days, or whether leg 2 is the return (or reverse) element. I can't tell what the entry limit is either. There is reference to a "website" having the details, but there is no website listed, as yet.
  • There's a Facebook page for it here

    It all seems a bit strange,especially if you google the "organiser's" name,'Kaja Kosla' you come across this story from the Liverpool Echo about how she was intending to run 5 marathons in 5 days to raise money for local charities. Check out her JustGiving page,she managed to rake in a whopping £56!!!!!  £11.20 per marathon!

    Like I say,it all seems a bit strange to me.

  • Yeah, all abit strange, and if Alan Rothwell doesnt know anything about it..........., I will wait and see if she responds to my email!! Its short notice as well, details still sketchy with only a few months to go !! hmmm Will just look forward to the 'runliverpool' event next October, fingers crossed!!
  • The routes just along Otterspool Prom, out and back 3 times.  Also says its 26.7 miles/43km.......hmmmmm?!   All the evidence adds up to a disaster waiting to happen!! (If it happens at all!)  No way am I enterin this!

  • I think the event was originally looked at as just a small affair with just dedicated distance runners taking part. Don't think the idea was to have a big field and the course was to be wherever the distance could be found. Kaja contacted me a while back about a marathon course for a small event and I suggested the existing half marathon course twice.

    Seemingly she has ignored my suggestion and opted for running up and down Otterspool promenade.
  • All I know about this is presented in this thread on Fetch.  Its on the Fetch race listings too but there's nothing else of substance available.

    Alan's right that it was dreamt up as an opportunity for like minded friends to get together.  You'll see, if you trawl the whole thread, that Kaja has been getting plenty of advice from knowledgeable sources but you won't be able to escape the fact that her enthusiasm far outweighs her experience.  I'm not a RW subscriber so can't get at the race listing and haven't looked at the Facebook page but do have the impression that it will be very much a homespun, look after yourselves type event rather than something on the scale that Alan is hoping to put on next year.

    Much as I have warmed towards Kaja as a person on the couple of occasions I have met her, I'd have to advise caution on behalf of anybody who doesn't know her (or at least somebody else who does) before entering this.

  • The facebook page says:  "a chance to complete your very first marathon while enjoying scenic route on the beautiful Riverside Promenade".   This doesn’t indicate it’s for dedicated distance runners or like minded friends echoed by the fact it’s advertised on runners world and Fetch. 

     If something bad happens, (injury, public incident etc) it will be scrutinised by police, highways agency, council etc which could have implications for the other well planned and delivered races in Liverpool, i.e. increased red tape!!!

  • Reading a bit of the thread on Fetch it all seems well intentioned enough but it's more of a little social get together for a few Fetch forumites. Not really something that should be advertised/publicised on Runners World,in my humble opinion of course.
  • It has caused some confusion with our somewhat bigger plans for a Liverpool / Mersey Marathon I have to say.
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  • well i have learnt something, i didnt realise that anybody could advertise something on Runners World events list, I thought they would have to be vetted by RW for authenticity, for insurance/public liability reasons etc. Informal runs are best kept to facebook etc. Not one i'll be doing anyway !
  • Hello everybody, I just found that thread. I'm not very active on RW.

    Everybody saying I haven't replied to their email - you've probably send it to a wrong address. There are three "o" in it, you might've written just 2. Again, it's All eamils I get asking for this I respond to on the same day with all information packs.

    To clear out your suspicions. - No it's not meant to be a big city marathon with thousands/hundrets runners. - ITS PRIMARY AIM IS TO RAISE MONEY FOR CHARITIES, including local 23 Foundation, so it's a small event if you like.  There's no mention of place limits because everybody is welcomed but I should suspect the number of entrans will be in lower tens and involve probably more experienced marathon runners who want to celebrate the New Year in such way.

    The route stays on the promendae to make it as safe and simple as possible, with no road crossings, or any motorised vehicles. It's much simpler to respond to accidents on a 5 mile strech than on the route involving 3 parks and major roads.

    The RW description doesn't say it's UKA affiliated, and as for the small event it probably won't be, however should soon be authorised by 100 Marathon Club. On day organisation in terms of water and snacks and First Aid provision will be done to the best of my ability. I can't understand the hostile tone of the thread as even in the space-wise limited description it says it's is a fundaising event, I will change it to something explicitly saying "not a big city marathon but a relatively small number of runners who want to help towards charity and celebrate New Year in a running way."     

    I do answer to emails as long as they're sent to my address.

  • Lynne, neither did I realise people expected  to only see big fancy events on here. But I think I should remove it now that I've caused such chaos and confusion all over the place. Didn't mean to make any harm to anybody, just the opposite.  I'm only sorry on how many entrants (=entry fees=monay raised) we'd miss out on when removing it from here but well...  
  • Dont get me wrong, I was actually looking forward to it, planning how to fit my training in and everthing! But it would be a first marathon for me and feel I need the support of an 'official event' for my first one.  So, its just not for me, but I wish you very Good Luck with it and hope you raise loads of money, especially for Carra's 23, which is a great cause.
  • To offer my support - I don't see any reason why this should not be advertised on RW so long as it is clear from the listing what the event entails and a link is provided to further information indicating what is and is not included within any fee charged.  I'll admit that I've always assumed that RW, as publisher, had a series of criteria that any race listing had to meet (unlike Fetch whereby any member can post more or less anything they like) but I've never actually thought about what they should be.

    There is no reason at all why this site should be limited to 'big fancy events' only but I do accept that anybody advertising should recognise the wide range of people who access the listings and understand what their expectation of something advertised as a city marathon may be. 

  • I don’t think anyone thinks only big fancy events should be on runners world, but I do think that it is race organisers responsibility to provide full information on a race so people can make an informed decision on whether to enter or not.   As far as I can tell it’s the lack of information that has lead to the confusion in this case.   There is a massive running community in Liverpool and a real need for a marathon in the city; it’s naïve to think this wouldn’t generator a lot of interest or lead to confusion with the Mersey Marathon Alan Rothwell has worked so hard to resurrect!
  • I'm dying to put on a 'big fancy event' in the city! I've also been happy to advise Kaja on putting on her own event as it does encourage participation in distance running. I'm sure that she and her team will enjoy the challenge that a double marathon presents!
  • *jennie* wrote (see)
    I don’t think anyone thinks only big fancy events should be on runners world, but I do think that it is race organisers responsibility to provide full information on a race so people can make an informed decision on whether to enter or not.   As far as I can tell it’s the lack of information that has lead to the confusion in this case.   There is a massive running community in Liverpool and a real need for a marathon in the city; it’s naïve to think this wouldn’t generator a lot of interest or lead to confusion with the Mersey Marathon Alan Rothwell has worked so hard to resurrect!

    Just to answer this, in the description here it says “please contact for race information and details” People who did so seemingly got the idea of the kind of race it is and were left with few further questions.

    In any way did I want to compare or compete with our “proper” city marathon – I’m dying for it myself and know how hard it is for Mr Rothwell to put even the half on the calendar, and how hard he’s been working on the Mersey one. I’m frustrated as we all are about the city’s opposition and can’t wait for next October as anyone else. But my small event unfortunately won’t be our “proper”, THE Liverpool city marathon we’ve all been dying for, no not yet. 

    Hopefully when the massive running community in Liverpool comes together, we'll be one of the biggest and best marathon in the UK. !      

  • Liverpool lass

    Good luck to you and hope that not only does your event generate some interest but raises the money you need. If you need a hand with any water stations let me know

  • Yeah good luck LL, with entry on the day I might be tempted image
  • A pity about all the confusion, I think that has arisen because when most people see a marathon they kind of expect it to be big, at least 100s if not 1000s.   This is quite a diff and unusual event which may not suit some, I know for my first few I wanted a big city marathon as I felt I needed the support. 

    The way I see this event is that it is more of a social thing where people who love running do something they love on NYE and NYD without all the bells and whilstles whilst also raising some money for charity.  If I didnt live so far away and didnt have a hubby who wanted to spend NYE with me I think this would be a lovely way to spend those 2 days.

    Good luck with this Kaja, I hope that it goes well and you raise lots of money.  Also, good luck to the chap(sorry forget name) who is wanting to organise a big city marathon in Liverpool.

  • Someone organises a race for those in the North west & gets shot down for doing so - possibly why there are so few events in the area ?

    Not been on Runners World in years & now know why ?!!

    The event is for the hardcore marathon runners  & not the negative sceptics on here. Sure the event will be a great & well received by those who truly love marathon running.

    give the girl a bit of time & understanding ?

    Dont see how anyone would confuse this with a big city marathon - how many big cities (apart from Zurich) are gonna stage an event on New years day ?  

  • i was just about to ask what you were doing here???
  • Chap you're thinking of Hellen is Alan Rothwell.

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  • Lurks - you are like sand! You get EVERYWHERE! imageimage
  • In fairness to all Foxy - I don't think she's actually been 'shot down'.  It simply appears to me that the race listing, which I can't access since I'm not a subscriber, has been less clear than it may have been with regard to what the set up for the event is (or is not) - one or two folks have then had problems reaching Kaja by email for more information and that has lead to further confusion.  As hellen says, this is a shame.

    It's actually very positive that somebody has posted a thread to ask the 'what's going on' question - its allowed those with more information to identify that confusion exists and do something about it.  Once the nature of the event has been clarified, nobody has been anything other than supportive - even if some have realised that its not one for them.

    I shall now also go on record to state that if I am down that way at New Year visiting family then I will do what I can to be there in some capacity (whether that be running, marshalling, helping with water, carrying bags or shouting abuse at those I recognise will be determined nearer the time)

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